20 Best Kenyan Pickup Lines In 2021

Here are 20 of the best pickup lines you can use. They are mostly in sheng as it is found it works better than in English in Kenya.

20 Best Kenyan Pickup Lines In 2021

What pickup line has worked best for you? Pickup lines have been present for many generations and have been used by human beings all over the world as a means of winning over someone they like or someone they've been yearning to meet.

The most important thing to remember is the timing at which they should be used. Pickup lines have lately earned a bad reputation for being cheesy and cringe-worthy and the story has always ended the same, in rejection.

However, if you start your conversation with the right dose of interest and humor, you may end up scoring a date or a phone number. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta photographed leaning forward towards Kitui County Govenor Charity Ngilu. The photo went viral on June 25, 2021. /TWITTER

Introducing yourself to someone new is always frightening and invites a lot of pressure, whether online or in-person, since the possibility of rejection is part of the deal. The perfect, knowingly bad opening joke can be a useful way of breaking the tension and the ice.

A viral photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kitui County Govenor Charity Ngilu lit up the internet on Friday, June 25 and Kenyans responded with a series of pickup lines as the two were photographed engaging in animated conversation. The Head of State was seen casually leaning on the door of his car while Ngilu paid attention to him with direct eye contact.

Immediately the photograph was leaked online, it sparked an eruption of memes with many likening their posture to those of high school sweethearts.

As Bungoma-based doctor and masculinity coach Eric Amunga once said, a man must approach at least one beautiful woman weekly. Viral Tea has therefore sampled 20 of the best pickup lines you can use (mostly in sheng as it is found it works better than in English in Kenya)

  1. Mi ni kama kiatu ndogo kwako juu naona nikikufinya.
  2. Me after church: Nimependa hio service ya pastor sasa nataka kupanda mbegu
  3. Unakaa building iko karibu na barabara. Naskia kukubomoa
  4. Niite Omosh juu sitachoka kukuomba
  5. Unakuanga religious, coz leo naona nimepata jibu la ombi langu
  6. I have a blank space and I can write your name
  7. Niite Amos juu leo mi ni Wako
  8. Ukona dress smart can I read it in Braille
  9. Hapa ndani kuna charity game si uingie nikuonyeshe
  10. Niko na chwani (Ksh50) nataka nikupee mapenzi ya thatii (Ksh30), nibaki kama nimembao
  11. Wewe ni world Bank juu nataka kukuomba
  12. Uko na Mr? Juu Mister kuwacha
  13. Unakaa Subaru juu naskia kukuride
  14. Kwani huna shingo juu nimekumezea mate
  15. Najua hupendi avocado but unaeza come OVA-tu-CADO
  16. Sifanyi kwa beauty parlour lakini naweza kuNAIL usiku KUCHA
  17. Najua kwako Kuna gas cooker but Leo nataka nikugonge kuni
  18. Ata kama wewe si mwizi, leo ntakupiga rungu
  19. Mimi ni kama Omosh, siogopi kuspend less than a million just for you
  20. Nikimaliza kufungua barabara si tunaeza enda nifungue bra.

Women at a club. /FILE