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20 Inmates Beaten Up In Kamiti Prison Violence

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Officers at the Kamiti Maximum Prison had reportedly beaten up 20 inmates after they were involved in protests that sparked inside the facility on Thursday, January 13.

A report by the Nation on Saturday, January 15 revealed that the inmates were clobbered so badly that the warders expressed worry on whether one of the inmates, a Sundanese national, would make it alive after being assaulted by the officers.

Most of the victims were captured in videos that went viral on social media shouting from the prison rooftops as they faced off against the police units with clobbers while trying to break out of the country’s most guarded facility.

A source revealed to the publication that they were transferred to Naivasha Maximum Prison on the morning of Friday, January 14.

The inmates had protested over the lack of food and hardhandedness that was forced upon them following the escape of three terror suspects in November 2021, which subsequently sent the country’s security forces into panic mode. It also emerged that the food rations offered to the inmates were cut following their escape.

Additionally, movement was restricted within the prison, with the inmates of one of the prison blocks being reportedly placed in total isolation for the past three weeks.

Another source disclosed that the presence of a new prison boss was to blame for the reduction of food rations.

“We used to have oranges for some special inmates, but we have not seen any since the new officer in charge came. We only have bananas. Some inmates do not even remember the last time they sat under the sun,” revealed the source to the publication.

Detectives from the Serious Crimes Investigations Unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had spent almost the whole of Tuesday, November 16, 2021, analysing and deducing the process before the trio escaped from the prison.

Led by Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, the team established that the trio could have been aided by the prison’s wardens to break out of the facility.

Investigations revealed that they dislodged a brick on the wall of their cell before escaping without attracting attention. The three had used the dislodging to monitor the movement of the wardens while they continued planning their escape.

The detectives added that the trio at times used cardboard to seal the opening created by the dislodged brick wall, which they used as a disguise. On the night of their escape, they went out of their comfort zone and used blanket strings and broomsticks which they used to vault over two high walls around the correctional facility.

The trio, Musharaf Abdallah Akhulunga (Shukri), Mohamed Abdi Abikas (Mohamed Ali Abikar) and Joseph Juma Odhiambo were soon placed on the radar of every security force in the country and were later arrested just as they were escaping through the Kenya-Somalia border.

Locals in Kitui County had revealed that the three were spotted at Malalani shopping centre and bought a lot of water. Sources revealed that they were having a meal at a local joint before they were spotted by residents who alerted the police, further exposed by photos shared online.

The three also bought a lot of milk, bread and biscuits from local shops and paid with cash. They looked exhausted and one of them had wounds, but what had raised their suspicion before locals tipped police officers was when they asked directions to Boni Forest in Lamu County with an intention to escape to Somalia.

One of the three terror suspects who escaped Kamiti prison. They were all re-arrested and flown back to the prison facility on November 18, 2021. /CAPITAL GROUP

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