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5 Kenyan Presenters Who Quit During Live TV Shows

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One way or another, all journeys come to an end. It is almost a tradition to hear a media personality moving from one station to the other in search of greener pastures or maybe to ramp up their curriculum vitae (CV) with fresh experiences.

Media personalities and news anchors have for long left for other TV stations rather discreetly, but in a bid to let Kenyans know that they will be moving on elsewhere, they announce their departures during their live TV shows.

Someone might ask why but experts believe that it is the exact time to announce that they’re leaving given how many millions of pairs of eyes watch them on a daily basis. Recent occasions have seen some of the biggest names in Kenyan media announce that they would leave their respective TV stations in the middle of a live broadcast:

Viral Tea takes a look at five of the biggest departures on live TV, beginning with the latest:

Citizen TV show host Kambua. /INSTAGRAM

Kambua Mathu

The award-winning gospel singer-songwriter and TV presenter had spent 12 years with Citizen TV before announcing her departure on Sunday, January 16, 2022.

The host of the Rauka show every Sunday morning alongside Ken the Deejay had teased her fans that day about a big surprise before she announced her exit from the station, not just as the show’s host.

She added that life is fluid and is expected to change, and a person must go through seasons in life. She, just like many other personalities on the silver screen, did not announce further details of her next move.

“I need to tell all of you, my dear Rauka people, who are so dear to my heart, that life is about seasons and that’s the beauty of life.”

“Today I’d like to take a bow and hang my boots and say goodbye for those who have allowed me to come into your homes for 12 good years through Gospel Sunday. thank you so much for loving me and cheering me.. it really has been a beautiful journey,” she stated during the live broadcast.

She thanked her team and colleagues for giving her the opportunity to host the show, despite lacking the necessary experience at first.

“I’ll start by thanking our chairman Our Managing Director Wachira Waruru who took a chance on me when I was very green and had no experience and said that I’m going to do this job,” Kambua recalled.

“You won’t be seeing me here but you will see Ken and other wonderful people who will continue to carry this vision forward.”

She has been hosting the Gospel Sunday show and has gone from being partnered with Njugush and Dj Moz, to hosting with Timeless Noel (Noel James Owidhi), Laura Karwirwa, Dj Gee Gee (Daniel Githongo), Holy Dave (David Muthengi), Enid Moraa and the current co-host, Ken the Deejay.

The gospel artist had taken a break from hosting the Rauka show following the loss of her newborn son. On her return on Sunday, June 5, 2021, she was given a warm reception on-screen by Karwirwa who filled her slot over the period of her break from the national screen.

Gladys Gachanja (special mention Victor Kiprop)

On Friday, December 17, Gladys Gachanja officially announced her departure from Nation Media Group’s NTV during a live morning show of Your World, which she has been hosting for over one year.

“This is the last live Your World show this year as the team takes a break for the holidays. However, this is my last assignment here as your morning show host,” she announced on air.

She added that she was privileged to host the show with former colleagues Joseph Warungu and Victor Kiprop, the latter, who also left the station during a live broadcast and is now at BBC, where they learnt a lot from experts in the medical field as well as the patients.

Former NTV news anchor Gladys Gachanja. /FILE

Gachanja explained that it was her last time hosting the show, but assured her viewers and fans that it would continue into the new year and that they would meet their new hosts as the show continues to introduce fresh content to inform, educate and entertain.

“As I mentioned this is my last time hosting Your World but the show continues into the new year and you shall meet your new hosts soon plus the content can only get better as we strive to inform, entertain and most importantly educate you on various matters,” she added.

Replacing her as the Your World show host is former Ebru TV anchor Winnie Lubembe, an experienced multimedia journalist who has found a passion for Health Broadcast Journalism. She has over seven years of experience in TV presenting and reporting with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry as well as a busy newsroom.

Tracy Wanjiru

The sultry presenter announced on Saturday, June 26 that she would leave NTV’s Teen Republik, during a live recording of the show.

In her final message, Wanjiru disclosed that she was leaving the show which she hosted alongside Martin Kimathi for a period of five years. She also thanked her team for making the show a worthwhile ride noting that she joined while she was young.

“So, today is my last day here with the team on Teen Republik. It has been a great five years on the show but today marks the end of a beautiful journey with such a great team

“It is quite unfortunate but moving to new things,” stated Wanjiru.

Kimathi also announced his departure during the live recording where he introduced two new vibrant hosts of the show on Saturday, October 2. They had included Aziza Hashim and Joseph Maina, Aziza also a presenter for NRG Radio and an entrepreneur, MCEE and voice-over artist.

The duo is also assisted by Ida Mumeita, an Online Journalist at Nation Media Group.

Lofty Matambo

The news anchor who is now attached to NTV had announced his departure from KTN News on Sunday, April 18 after a stint that lasted seven and a half years. In his final heartfelt message, Matambo thanked his fans for supporting him and his employer, The Standard Group, for giving him the opportunity.

“For seven and a half years you have allowed me into your living rooms without knocking and you welcomed me with a smile. Those in the city watched me and those from the village followed my reports.

“For the zeal to have an upright society, I brought you Kimasomaso to condemn the evil in the society and uphold the good. They reached out to me and I answered the call, the call to say goodbye and pursue other things outside The Standard Media Group,” stated the journalist.

“Thanks to Standard Group PLC for this chance. Thanks to journalists, fellow anchors and editors. Thank you for being patient with me. Let us interact out there and God willing, we shall meet again,” he added.

Matambo would be announced as NTV’s new Swahili anchor alongside Frida Mwaka on Thursday, April 29, the two had previously worked together at KTN.

Grace Kuria

The news anchor resigned from KTN on January 11, 2021, after hosting the weekend’s lunchtime bulletin. She had served underneath Standard Media Group for two years after being poached from K24.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to God, thank you to my family, thank you to Standard Group management, thank you to my colleagues and thank you to you the live viewer for all the love, for the criticism, and for the words of encouragement,” she announced in a video she posted on Twitter.

“What has a beginning has an end and this has been my last broadcast on KTN News and KTN Home. God bless you,” she signed off.

From KTN, she moved to China Global Television Network (CGTN) as a digital journalist where she stayed for a year before moving to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) where she now works as a Broadcast Journalist.

Grace Kuria at BBC’s offices in Nairobi. /FACEBOOK.GRACE KURIA

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