Atheist President Radically Drops Christian Name

The change of identity is to enable him to reclaim his African identity and emancipate himself from Christianity mental slavery.

Atheist President Radically Drops Christian Name

Atheists Society of Kenya (AIKS) president Harrison Mumia shocked netizens by dropping ‘Harrison’ from his official name.

In a press statement on Tuesday, July 27, Mumia declared that he will be officially addressed as Nyende Mumia Nyende.

The change of identity is to enable him to reclaim his African identity and emancipate himself from Christianity mental slavery.

"Today, I chose to reclaim my African identity. I have dropped my English name, Harrison and my name will now be Nyende Mumia Nyende. This will be reflected in all my identification documents.

Statement by AIKS president Harrison Mumia on changing his name. /FACEBOOK

"As the great Bob Marley once said, we must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery and none but ourselves can free our minds," he addressed.

Mumia criticised foreign missionaries for convincing Africans that African names did not align with Christianity values, expressing his sadness on Kenyans calling themselves John, Mary, Magdalene, and James.

He further praised the Chinese for acting promptly to prevent Middle Eastern religions from destroying their society.

He also argued that Kenyans should begin to be proud of their ethnic indigenous names adding that the ministry of culture should encourage Kenyan parents to use indigenous Kenyan names for their children.

Mumia’s decision comes after a battalion of memes cut through social media after the national secretary of the AIKS, Seth Mahiga announced his resignation from the organisation on Saturday, May 29.

In a press statement by AIKS, Mahiga's reason for quitting the organisation was that he had found Jesus Christ and was no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya.

Mahiga had served as the secretary for a year and a half. Emmah Shisoka was brought in days later as his replacement.

An atheist is someone who does not believe in the existence of a god or gods. AIKS has famously asserted that there is no God or any other supreme being.

In 2020, the society had also petitioned for the word 'God' to be removed from the National Anthem.

According to a report given by Statista, Christianity was identified as the main religion in Kenya. As of 2019, over 85 percent of the population identified as Christians, among which 33.4 percent were protestants, 20.6 percent catholics, 20.4 percent evangelicals, and 7 percent from African Instituted Churches.

The Atheists group pointed to 2.5 percent of Kenyans that reported not having any religious affiliations. Pushing for the country to adopt science, rationality and humanistic approach to morality.

Former AIKS secretary Seth Mahiga. /FACEBOOK