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Atheists Society To Pay New Members Ksh20K: How To Register

The Atheists in Kenya Society (AIKS) has urged Kenyans to turn up in their numbers and register to join their community as atheists.

An atheist is simply defined as a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods.

The recruitment drive was announced in a notice on social media in line with its mission to promote the growth and interaction of atheists in the country.

President of Atheists in Kenya, Harrison Mumia (right) receives a Bible from Caroline Njuguna. /NAIROBI NEWS

AIKS seeks to promote and practice the open, rational, and scientific examination of the universe and human beings’ place in it. It also advocates for ethics and morality to be meaningfully based on rational and humanistic ideals and values.

AIKS also promote sceptical inquiry as well as provide a community for atheists. It organizes activities, such as forums for discussion, guest speakers, and debates with the aim of fostering public acceptance of atheists in Kenya.

In addition, it engages in social issues affecting its membership and the wider community.

Membership Benefits

The society will support members and their immediate families, that is spouses and children as follows: It will offer Ksh20,000 in Medical Expenses and Ksh20,000 to cater for funeral expenses.

Members can request legal assistance in circumstances where they are discriminated against OR writing of a will, for example, if they prefer to be cremated after death.

“During weddings, birthdays, and baby showers, we will celebrate with members by way of giving gifts, and in some cases being part of the celebrations. We will give members a discount of 25 per cent on books, t-shirts and other promotional materials,” read its notice in part.

Members will also be given a priority for funding, sponsorship, and training that have been organized in partnership with other organizations.

They will also be eligible to vote during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Special General Meeting (SGM).

Registering As A Member

To register, you must be a Kenyan citizen above 18 years of age who identifies as atheist, agnostic, free thinker, humanist, or sceptic.

All registered members will also be required to donate Ksh100 for funeral expenses and medical expenses of affected members.

Members will also need to pay an annual fee of Ksh500 which they can do so via mobile money platforms.

The society on Friday, January 7 had accused its former secretary Seth Mahiga of stealing its funds after he withdrew funds from its bank accounts without the authority of the Executive Committee.

AIKS President Harrison Mumia had claimed that the funds belong to the members.

“The new executive committee, including myself, the incoming Treasurer Samson Mbavu and the incoming Secretary Mary Kamau had visited a local bank today only to be informed that the former Secretary Seth Mahiga, had withdrawn funds from the Society’s bank account without our authority.

“This is shameful for a man who had claimed to have met Jesus Christ. The executive committee will take the necessary steps to bring Seth Mahiga to book,” Mumia said in a statement.

Mahiga had quit the society in May 2021 after revealing that he was saved and was no longer interested in matters concerning atheism.

“Regretfully, our Secretary Seth Mahiga made the decision to resign from his position as Secretary of our society. Seth’s reason for resigning is that he has found Jesus Christ and is no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya,” Mumia noted in a statement at the time.

Former Atheists In Kenya secretary Seth Mahiga. /FILE

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