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Babu Owino Banned Over Chaos At Parliament

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Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Ongili, alias Babu Owino has been suspended from the National Assembly for five days following the drama he caused that forced National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to suspend the House sittings.

Speaker Muturi announced on Tuesday, May 10 when the House resumed following a three-week break.

Under his instructions, the Sergeant at Arms will bar the lawmaker from accessing the assembly chambers as well as attending any committee meetings and any other activities within the House.

Inside the National Assembly in Kenya. /FILE

“Due to the gross disorder that arose in this House thereafter, I deferred my Ruling on the Member’s conduct to today. In this regard, I hereby order the Member for Embakasi East, Hon. Babu Owino, to withdraw from the Chamber and from the precincts of the National Assembly for five days, inclusive of today, on account of gross disorderly conduct pursuant to Standing Order 107A (Gross disorderly conduct).

“Honourable Members, The Serjeant-at-Arms is to enforce this order immediately and if the Member is not present in the Chamber, the Member shall not be allowed access to the precincts of Parliament or attendance to any Committee meeting or parliamentary function during the five days,” ordered the Speaker.

The punishment by the Speaker was as a result of Owino escalating heightened tensions that began after Wajir Woman Representative, Fatuma Gedi brought with her a suitcase full of evidence that she claimed implicated Deputy President William Ruto in alleged land grabbing cases.

Muturi had compelled Gedi to table the evidence she had brought with her to the House inside the suitcase, which also rattled the occupants.

Gedi however insisted that she had to explain what exactly she was bringing in front of the MPs, some of them who sided with her.

“This bag has the evidence that I am going to present that William Ruto grabbed that land so Kenyans know that they are not safe in his hands,” she explained.

While Muturi was persistently asking Gedi to table the documents, Babu interjected him, which raised Muturi’s tempers to the point he had had enough and ordered him out.

The legislator stood firm and refused to leave as the speaker insisted that he got out of the premises.

A section of MPs then moved to protect him from the Sergeant at Arms who were surrounding him with the intention of ejecting him from the House by any means necessary.

Speaker Muturi then read the riot act in front of the House before announcing that he adjourned the session following Babu’s drama which he termed a grave disorder.

As for the suitcase, the Speaker decided to dismiss Gedi’s evidence upon resumption of the House, terming the documents as inadmissible owing to the fact that they were not certified. The contents had failed to comply with the requirements of the House and could not be verified.

Fatuma Gedi tables documents on alleged land grabbing by DP Ruto in the National Assembly after carrying them in a suitcase. /CAPITAL BREAKING

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