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Betty Kyallo On First Subaru She Bought After Joining KTN (PHOTOS)

Kyallo recounted how she purchased one of the most popular cars among Kenya’s youth after she was confirmed for an internship at the Standard Media Group station.

Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo was once a Subaru girl, and she proved so when she shared photos of the first Subaru Impreza that she bought after joining KTN.

Taking to her social media pages on Wednesday, November 17, Kyallo recounted how she purchased one of the most popular cars among Kenya’s youth after she was confirmed for an internship at the Standard Media Group station.

Aki imagine today I saw my FIRST CAR ever. Oh my, I bought this car when I was confirmed after an internship at KTN. Oh my goodness so many great memories. I was a “Subaru Girl” gosh I used to run the streets with this girl!” she recounted.

She added that she christened the blue vehicle the “Blue Bullet”, possibly because of the fact that it was a speed machine on major highways and roads in Kenya.

Betty Kyallo posing next to her old Subaru Impreza. /FACEBOOK

“Her name was “Blue bullet” Whoosh! It was loud and it had the cool black bucket seats. Growth is Just so beautiful!” she went on.

Kyallo added that the current owner of the vehicle has maintained it to perfection, going by the photos she shared which showed the car looking like a brand new machine coupled with sporty rims.

“Also, the current owner has maintained it so so well. I don’t know why it feels like it’s still mine though! Oh my. Anyway sweet memories!” she recalled.

Kyallo currently owns a black Mercedes Benz E-Class and had shocked netizens when she acquired a BMW X1 in 2017, at the time estimated at a cost of Ksh4.6 million. She sets herself from the rest of the female news anchors cautious on adrenaline rush activities by not fearing to go faster when the opportunity arises.

She once started a show dubbed Auto World which currently airs on the station, which began her love for cars and vehicles of all sorts that she drove, from regular vehicles to heavy construction vehicles including bulldozers.

“My love for cars began while in campus. I had a group of friends who lived and breathed cars and it rubbed off on me. That is why when I got the chance; I started Auto World, a segment that now airs on Sunday night on KTN.

“We deal with everything from car safety tips, to fuel tips, to car servicing. The response we get is so crazy, so much so that I got the nickname Betty ule wa Magari,” she revealed in an earlier interview.

In Kenya, Subaru Impreza cars, are the car of choice for many millennial car enthusiasts and young people mostly in university or starting out on their careers. Its trademark is blue in colour, which has since risen to popularity as well as attract criticism and ridicule in equal measure.

Little known details behind the popularity of the Subaru Impreza point to one rally legend Patrick Njiru touted as one of the most successful Kenyan rally drivers. He first appeared in the 1984 Marlboro Safari Rally in a Subaru Leone RX Turbo, car number 69, co-driven by Dave Macharia.

Patrick Njiru used that model up to 1990 (co-driven by David Williamson) when he switched to Subaru Legacy and on to the Subaru Vivio Sedan 4WD (co-driven by Rick Mathews). The Subaru Vivio was the smallest car in a World Rally Championship at 600cc and which earned him a place in the Guinness World Records!

The turning point was the 1994 Trust Bank Safari Rally when Patrick Njiru introduced the Subaru Impreza WRX (co-driven by Abdul Sidi) and used this model in 1998 when a gearbox problem saw him and co-driver, Gillian Webb, exit in a Subaru Impreza in the 555 Safari Rally.

It was only during the 2011 Kenya Airways East African Classic Safari Rally that Njiru – who retired in 2002 – used a Porsche 911 (co-driven by Fabrizia Pons) and not a Subaru, for which he was part of the Subaru World Rally Team. 

Kenyans love the Subaru Impreza owing to its performance, consisting mostly of speed, as well as its affordability. Old models can fetch for nearly Ksh400,000 while the new ones as well as the sports versions (WRX & WRX STI) can hit upwards of Ksh2 million.

A Subaru Impreza WRX STI. /FACEBOOK

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