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Boda Boda Riders Set Nairobi Matatu On Fire (VIDEO)

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A matatu plying the Nairobi-Westlands-Gachie (Kiambu County) was burned down on Tuesday night, February 1 by bodaboda riders in protest after it reportedly killed one of their own.

The matatu belonged to Latema Sacco which plies the Nairobi to Westlands, Uthiru, Kinoo, Muthiga, Gachie among others, characterised by its blue and white paint.

A video seen by Viral Tea showed the blaze consuming the bus as residents watched helplessly. By the time of publishing, it was unclear of the circumstances that led to the incident.

Matatus plying the Nairobi-Westlands route. /FACEBOOK

Bodaboda riders have been a dangerous lot to contend with as they are known to take matters into their own hands, especially if road accidents involve one of their own.

Take for example along Lang’ata Road on Monday night, September 6, 2021, where police were forced to fire gunshots in the air to contain the chaos that emerged after a motorist ran over a bodaboda rider and his passenger to death.

The police in a video had engaged the irked riders who protested over the matter in a scuffle, blaring their horns in unison as their screams could be heard.

The chaos manifested into a confrontation between them and the police, who fired gunshots to the point of awakening Lang’ata residents during curfew hours.

The accident happened near a mall that is housing Cleanshelf Supermarket. Police revealed that the situation was soon brought under control and had arrested the saloon car driver who was responsible for the accident.

Inspector-General of Police Hilary Mutyambai in January 2021 ordered a crackdown on rogue bodaboda riders fond of taking the law into their own hands.

This is after he lamented that the National Police Service had received complaints that bodaboda riders had assaulted civilians and in extreme cases, set their cars on fire.

Watch the video:

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