Bodyguards Stop Angry Woman From Confronting Anne Waiguru (VIDEO)

Waiguru's bodyguards managed to restrain the irked woman before she rushed to her vehicle to attack her.

A team of bodyguards had to restrain an angry woman before she could confront Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru in Mwea Consitituency on Thursday, June 10, over an alleged unfair distribution of resources within the county.

Waiguru had gone to sign a deal between the county government and Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Centre (KAGRC), in order to provide Artificial Insemination(AI) services to farmers.

In a video seen by Viral Tea, Waiguru's bodyguards managed to restrain the irked woman before she rushed to her vehicle to attack her.

The woman, unafraid, boldly lashed out at the bodyguards as she could be heard daring to attack her.

The angry woman restrained by the bodyguards as she tried to confront Anne Waiguru on June 10, 2021. /COURTESY 

Minutes later, after the bodyguards managed to contain the situation, the governor stepped out of the car and approached the crowd which had gathered in order to address various issues.

"Let us help each other, so draft down the issue of funds allocated to wards in the county," Waiguru stated as the woman pointed out her key grievances. 

Another issue raised involved the unfair distribution of resources during the recent disbursement of funds at Kangai Secondary School. 

Various politicians have been victim to security scares across the country in recent times which has forced their security guards to keep an eagle-eye for any signs of danger.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, has suffered three successive security scares, with the latest occurring in full view of the public during the 58th Madaraka Day celebrations on Tuesday, June 1.

The young man was quickly nabbed by the presidential guards who pinned him to the ground and immobilised him before the head of state intervened. Uhuru stopped his speech and instructed his security guards to let him go.

The second one involved a man who burst onto the middle of a road at Lucky Summer area in Nairobi and stopped Uhuru's motorcade for nearly seven seconds. Security officers promptly responded by getting hold of the man and leading him away before the motorcade proceeded with the tour.

The third scare saw Uhuru's security officers rapidly repel an intruder who startled him during his speech on Thursday, May 20.

During his visit to Lamu for the official opening of the port in the coastal town, he was giving his speech when someone moved too close to him in dangerous fashion, which is a breach of security.

President Uhuru was a bit startled but his security managed to respond with speed to the culprit by dragging him away, letting him continue with his speech.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his address in Lamu on May 20, 2021. /PSCU