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Boniface Mwangi Gagged In House Bombing Blame Game

Lady Justice Margaret Waringa Muigai had granted an interim injunction that blocked Mwangi from publishing any defamatory claims against the governor.

A court in Machakos on Tuesday, October 26 landed an uppercut on activist Boniface Mwangi by ordering him to refrain from publishing any defamatory information about Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

Mwangi had accused the Machakos County boss of being behind the destruction of his family home in Lukenya, which is still under construction. Mutua had denied those claims, accusing the activist of lying to Kenyans and ruining his image.

Lady Justice Margaret Waringa Muigai had granted an interim injunction that blocked Mwangi from publishing any defamatory claims against the governor.

Activist Boniface Mwangi at the construction site of his Machakos family home. The house was blown up on the night of October 20, 2021. /FILE

The judge served him with the application, upon which he has 14 days of service to respond.

“The court has hereby restrained the respondent (Boniface Mwangi) by himself, his servants, and or agents or otherwise howsoever, from publishing in any print or electronic media, or web-hosted platform, any innuendos, insinuations, allegations, or statements that the plaintiff either as having destroyed actually caused damage to the Defendant’s house in Lukenya,” read part of the court statement also shared by the activist on social media.

The judge also made reference to the video Mwangi shared on his Facebook account on Thursday, October 21 where he accused Mutua in raw and brutal fashion, for the damage he caused to his house.

Mwangi said that the governor should be held culpable for his actions, expressing no fear of the governing power that Mutua has as the gubernatorial boss.

However, Mutua responded in a rejoinder through his lawyers by demanding that he apologise to him for sharing the libellous content on social media which circulated across the country and by definition, the world. 

“The said publication has also been shared online with various social media outlets with your consent and approval and will very likely be archived in the social and mainstream media archives section, where any person doing research and or background searches on our client would gain access to the libellous,” read part of a demand letter dated Thursday, October 21.

The lawyers also stated that the letter was meant, intended, calculated and understood to injure Governor Mutua’s reputation. They then instructed the activist to take action against the said videos by close of business on Thursday, failure to which they would institute legal action against him.

“That you retract and pull down all of the said libellous and defamatory publications, of and concerning our client in the same prominence as in the offensive publications.” 

Mwangi was also ordered to publish an apology that is acceptable by the county boss and in a manner that is approved by him.

“That at your expense, you publish an apology to our client in wording and manner approved by our client, and in the same prominence as the offending publications,” the demand letter added.

Mwangi was also ordered to pull down the video from the internet and any other web-based resource or archive where the said publication has been stored, posted or is stored, and provide a certificate to Mutua of such pulling down of the publication.

Activist Boniface Mwangi. /FILE

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