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Bonnie Musambi To Leave KBC To Focus On Politics (VIDEO)

Media personality Bonnie Musambi has announced that he will leave the national broadcasting station Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) on February 9, 2022.

Musambi had announced last year that he would leave the station, promising to reveal further details on Monday, January 10, 2022.

“Today marks 1 month before my exit from KBC, where I have served for 14 years. On February 9, by the grace of God, and if things do not change… I will be leaving KBC in order to grow and pursue my own dreams,” he announced while hosting the Zinga show on KBC‘s Radio Taifa.

The veteran radio presenter added that while growth was considered important to him, he would not join another station.

He briefly affirmed that his next course of action would be to focus on his own business, on a self-employment basis, and to focus on politics ahead of the 2022 general elections.

“Growth is important in one’s life, but I am not going to another station. I am going to do my business, to be self-employed. I will be telling you much about the business on the last day.

“I also have a calling to launch my political career. So I will join politics,” he revealed.

Reports indicated that Musambi is eyeing a parliamentary seat in Kitui County. He will also carry forward his media skills towards his radio station, Sang’u FM, which he started with his wife, Betty Musambi.

The station is also available via online platforms. It was operating online in June 2020 before it was licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to begin broadcasting via the national FM frequencies.

He hosted Radio Taifa‘s morning show named Zinga La Asubuhi alongside Cynthia Anyango. Musambi also read the prime-time news on KBC Channel 1 TV.

He joins many radio presenters who announced they would quit their roles to focus on political seats in 2022, the latest being comedian Felix Odiwour, alias Jalang’o who hosts the Kiss 100 breakfast show and Alex Mwakideu of Milele FM.

Others have clarified their stances on joining politics ahead of the big polls.

Classic 105 FM presenter Maina Kageni had announced that he has absolutely no interest in joining politics, adding that one needs to be a political party subject to survive in the Kenyan political scene.

He further noted that unless one is an independent candidate, when one venture into politics, their ability to think independently is taken away since they conform to their party’s ideology.

Maina also held the view that politics is an expensive affair, adding that it is one of the “fastest ways to go broke”.

“Politics is the fastest way to grow broke. The fact in Kenya is, you need to be on a big party ticket; which limits your thinking because your thinking must follow that of whoever is the party leader. You can never be Jalang’o the thinker in a big party,” he revealed during the Bonga na Jalas show.

Kageni in December 2021 announced that he will retire from his lucrative job in 2022, having dominated the airwaves for many years. He specified that he will hang his radio shoes to focus on steering operations of his private business.

“Come next year I am done. I will be retiring from this radio job, I plan on running a club in Miami (USA),” he declared.

Maina Kageni having lunch with Mwalimu King’ang’i. /FILE

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