Brother Recounts Last Moments Before Christian Longomba's Death

In his tribute video to the late singer, Lovy Longomba recounted details of Christian's battle with his health.

Brother Recounts Last Moments Before Christian Longomba's Death

Christian Longomba's brother Lovy Longomba on Monday, March 15 shared the last moments with the member of the legendary Afropop group Longombas before his death on Saturday, March 13.

In his tribute video to the late singer, Lovy recounted details of Christian's battle with his health.

Christian Longomba battled for his life following a brain tumor surgery 6 years ago. Doctors predicted that he would live for two or three years maximum after the surgery but he exceeded his targeted lifespan by over four years.

He was hospitalized for two weeks at the Downtown Los Angeles hospital in the United States before he breathed his last on Saturday evening. Lovy Longomba was by his bedside at the time of his passing.

“You know even to the last few years, and the last few days, Christian was laughing, he was energetic, he was dancing. Man, even in pain he still knew how to laugh, he would enjoy himself even to the last days.

“Every morning I would go downstairs and check up on him and now I can’t do that anymore…wow. It is crazy. He had a lot of love around him, too much love.” Lovy narrated.

He added that he was not shedding tears because he knew where his late brother would end up and that God had already planned when he would leave this world.

Lovy also explained that the complications Christian had were not from the tumor but the effects of it. Following his surgery six years ago, the damage of the tumor began gathering momentum on him.

“It wasn’t cancerous, it was malignant but it was very big by the time they took it out the damage it had caused to the brain was just crazy. The doctors actually expected him to live normal for 2 to 3 years but Christian outlived that by 7 years." Lovy recounted.

Fighting back the tears, he was grateful for sharing life with Christian and asked those heartbroken by his death to remain strong.

Celebrities paid their tributes to the life and times of Christian and the indelible mark he left on the Kenyan music industry.

Timeline of events

On May 18, 2015, Christian Longomba suffered a seizure, leading to his hospitalization. While there, he was diagnosed with falx and parasagittal meningiomas.

The tumor was close to his sinuses. It took slightly over two weeks for the musician to start the surgical process, which he finally underwent on May 29, 2015.

Though the surgery was successful, Christian had to undergo a second operation after doctors found blood clots in his brain. According to his family, doctors said at the time, the singer still needed to go through six weeks of radiation to completely rid him of the tumor.

Christian’s family, at the time, appealed for support toward meeting his medical bill, explaining that the specialized treatment came at a hefty cost. Since then he has been sick on and off before his death.

The Longombas superstar leaves behind his wife of 13 years, Bella, two children – a boy and a girl.

According to John Hopkins treatment for parasagittal meningiomas depends on the location of the brain tumor, whether the meningioma is benign or malignant and the patient’s general health and preferences regarding potential treatment options. Surgery is the most common treatment for such a tumor.

The Longombas duo is well known amongst many Kenyans for their songs Dondosa, Shika More, Vuta Pumz, and Queen. Their uncle is the celebrated Congolese singer Awilo Longomba. 

The first song Christian wrote was Dondosa which went to become a national hit in the 2000s. He recalled that as their name became synonymous with Kenya music, they saw it fit to compose and perform songs based on the issues society was grappling with.

"For example, the song, Vuta Pumz has a club or dance feel to it, yet it tackles responsible sexual behavior and calls on partners in a relationship to be faithful to manage the spread of HIV/AIDs," he explained

Plans are underway to stage a mini tribute concert later this week to pay tribute to the life of Christian Longomba and the mark he left in the music industry.