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Bus Driver Lures Weed Smokers Into DCI Headquarters

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A bus leaving Nairobi for Busia border town made a dramatic stop at the gates leading to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters along Kiambu Road on Wednesday night, May 11.

The DCI stated on Thursday, May 12 that the bus driver suspected that he was ferrying dangerous criminals, out to attack innocent passengers inside the bus.

The driver of the 62-seater coach had picked travellers destined to the border town at the Machakos Country Bus Station, at around 11 pm.

Bus driver makes a dramatic stop at DCI headquarters to hand over rogue passengers on Wednesday night, May 11, 2022. /DCI

However, as the bus was negotiating the Globe Cinema roundabout, the driver smelt an aroma of blazing cannabis sativa coming from the back of the bus.

“He switched on the lights only for his fears to be confirmed, when he saw a thin wisp of smoke straggling above the heads of passengers occupying the back seats, from the rear view mirror.

“Immediately, the driver who was intending to take Uhuru highway to Waiyaki Way detoured to Murang’a road and sped towards Kiambu road headed to DCI headquarters,” stated the detectives in part.

Officers manning the gate recalled hearing the reverberating noise of a speeding bus advancing towards the gate from Muthaiga direction, as the driver shifted gears in quick succession going over the bumps erected a few metres to the DCI  headquarters. 

When the bus finally stopped, officers manning the entrance to the Mazingira complex approached the bus to establish what was happening.

However, they learnt from the driver that there were passengers who were smoking weed inside, in total disregard of the rest of the passengers including women and children.

The detectives who were joined by the orderly officer and a standby team of elite undercover agents conducted a thorough body search on all the passengers who were in the Busia bound bus and found two suspects with the prohibited substance.

The first suspect Kennedy Mekemi, had concealed two rolls close to his privates while the second suspect Lenox Abuoga had concealed a half smoked joint inside a match box.

The two were arrested and booked at DCI headquarters for being found in possession of narcotics, as the officers allowed the rest of the passengers to continue with the rest of the journey.

DCI commended the action taken by the driver of bus registration number KBR 628B, owned by Kitale Shuttle Company.

“The actions were heroic and are to be emulated by other drivers in the public transport sector,” added the detectives.

The Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control (Amendment) Bill 2020 criminalises the use of marijuana in the country, and anyone caught in possession of the drug faces a fine of Ksh100,000 or a jail term of not more than five years, or both.

Bus driver makes a dramatic stop at DCI headquarters to hand over rogue passengers on Wednesday night, May 11, 2022. /DCI

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