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CCTV Captures GSU Cops Beating Up Boniface Mwangi (VIDEOS)

Mwangi shared a series of videos of the saga on social media which began while he was at his barbershop in Pension Towers, Nairobi CBD. He was met by the men who walked into the premises and arrested the receptionist.

CCTV footage on Friday, October 8 showed officers from the General Service Unit (GSU) beating up activist Boniface Mwangi after he recorded an altercation he had with them and officers believed to be from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Mwangi shared a series of videos of the saga on social media which began while he was at his barbershop in Pension Towers, Nairobi CBD. He was met by the men who walked into the premises and arrested the receptionist.

He had compelled them to identify themselves through their identification (ID) cards, but they kept affirming that they were from the tax authority and did not show their IDs.

Pension Towers in Nairobi CBD. /FILE

“I was at my barbershop when these young men walked in, with a GSU officer & arrested the receptionist. We asked them to identify themselves, they said they were from KRA but they didn’t have IDs. We asked them to call someone who had an ID,” he captioned, while the video showed him demanding the officers to identify themselves, but they took issue with him recording the whole proceedings with his phone camera.

He promised that he would allow the officers to detain the rest of the staff at the barbershop if they produced their IDs.

The activist further discovered that the men who were sent to the premises were under the command of an official from the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) who were arresting business owners for not having branding licenses.

“So it later turns out the young men without IDs and the GSU officers are under the command of the NMS employee. It’s Friday and they’re picking people from shops, beating them and taking them to a lorry for not having “branding licenses”, he went on.

The official also took issue with him recording her as well as the demand to identify herself. 

“Why are you asking me for my ID? Has this one (pointing to the officer) asked for my ID?” she posed before eventually showing her ID that indicated she was the NMS official.

Two GSU officers then approached him and attempted to snatch his phone but Mwangi resisted and attempted to escape but tripped and fell. The officers caught up to him and began harassing him.

“Because l recorded them, the GSU officers wanted to take my phone, I refused and in my attempt to run away, I fell. They caught up with me and beat me up. Even after the beating l didn’t hand over my phone,” he continued.

Resistance from the rest of the building’s occupants prevented the officers from effecting a spree of arrests. Mwangi suffered slight injuries as a result of the altercation.

Many of his followers have since taken to social media to bash the authorities over the incident as well as sympathise with him.

The incident comes one day after police officers barricaded the area near the United States International University-Africa (USIU) campus and closed down all bars as well as wines and spirits.

Speaking to Viral Tea, eyewitnesses at the scene further explained that the officers stripped the operating licences of all the facilities in the area, including the popular Club Bottoms Up/Tortillas bar (now named Gisky Lounge). They added that the move was prompted after one of the students was caught red-handed in the area under the influence, by a parent.

This writer then approached bodaboda operators normally stationed at the junction of the pathway and the road that connects the hostels and Thome estate up to Thika Road. One of them held his left arm and was in pain and upon probing, he revealed that he was injured when the officers had assaulted some of the operators and chased them away from the pathway.

A police vehicle was spotted around the USIU area. /MARVINCHEGE.VIRALTEAKE

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