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Chips Mwitu Vendor Gets New Premises Under New Deal

An excited Kwamboka took to her social media on Friday, October 15 to announce the new deal that will see her depart from her famous roadside business for a new one.

Viral chips mwitu vendor Bevalyne Kwamboka will leave her roadside business at Kware Tassia footbridge, Donholm, Nairobi but for a new place after she landed a lucrative deal from anonymous well-wishers.

An excited Kwamboka took to her social media on Friday, October 15 to announce the new deal that will see her depart from her famous roadside business for a new one.

She thanked Kenyans who shared her tweets across the country as well as media houses for highlighting her story to the public since going viral on September 30, 2021.

The deal by the anonymous well wishes will consist of modern tools to spice up her business of cooking the delicious delicacy for hungry Kenyans to eat over lunch-hour.

Bevalyne Kwamboka with a bag of potatoes donated by Senator Omanga’s team. /TWITTER

Due to the sheer demand that her business has now generated, the deal will come with additional stock to meet the demand from Kenyans who have flocked to the premises from all corners to sample her delicious meal.

It gets better! The well-wisher will pay for her new premises for the next three months. To show just how much she was grateful, she thanked her fans for noticing her and sharing her famous hustle.

“Thank you so much to you all who retweeted and shared my tweets and story to your friends, an anonymous well-wisher has offered me modern tools for chips, stock, and paid 3 months rent for the premises.

“Thank you for seeing, promising and believing,” she praised.

The new hustle has seen her grow to over 74,400 followers on Twitter and many believe that with the consistent business picking up with sheer speed, she could be in the leagues of Big Fish restaurant owner Bradox Osumo whose business started exploding all over Nairobi in 2019 just like Kwamboka’s, with one tweet.

One week ago, Kwamboka appealed to the government in an emotional message not to kick her out of the premises where she conducts her famous business.

Speaking to Citizen TV on Friday, October 8, she begged Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) not to evict her, the same day the former had cautioned her against conducting her duties around a public footbridge.

“What I can tell KeNHA is that as much as I sell chips here, I have not affected anything, I have taken precautionary measures by placing an iron sheet even to prevent smoke from destroying the footbridge. This (referring to the business) is my mother, this is my father, this is my husband, this is my employment.

“If I stop this business, I will call off my university education and just go back to my rural home because this is my everything. If KeNHA comes that will be the end of me, I will have no otherwise but just move out of Nairobi.” she lamented.

Bevalyne Kwamboka peeling potatoes at her chips vending business. /FACEBOOK

KURA was responding to a Twitter user on Friday, October 8 who had inquired whether Kwamboka’s famous business was legal.

“This is illegal and an infringement to Pedestrian rights, The Footbridges and walkways are meant for Pedestrian passage and not any form of business,” the response read.

The 23-year-old further commented on her online saga with Jubilee nominated Senator Millicent Omanga, noting that she was not intent on sounding unappreciative. She added that after Senator Omanga tweeted that she gave her money, she began receiving persistent phone calls from across the board demanding a piece of the share.

Additionally, some friends who had loaned her pulled back their support and her own mother asked her to move back home over the messages she had been receiving 

“A day after Omanga posted her tweet I started receiving calls from new numbers telling me to go and open a bigger business. Someone called my mum and told her that I have been given a lot of money to tell her to change her phone number and even move out from where she currently resides to avoid being attacked.

“It became too much, so I had to clarify to avoid so many calls. I was so much appreciated that she provided me with the umbrella, that was what I needed, but the issue of money has made so many people who were supporting me turn off,” she stated.

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