Citizen TV Responds To Controversial Email On News Anchors Salary

Their response comes after a leaked email on Sunday night, January 31 caused a social media uproar

Citizen TV Responds To Controversial Email On News Anchors Salary

Citizen TV has issued their response to a controversial email sent anonymously across the station's management, exposing the unequal pay structure at the station.

The email which was leaked to social media on Sunday night, January 31 revealed the massive gap in pay between Royal Media Services (RMS) bosses and the rest of the employees working behind the scenes.

The anonymous author claimed that a section of the anchors were paid as much as Ksh800,000 per month while the technical staff, news producers and the rest of the team behind the scenes who did the most work, according to the author, earning between Ksh40,000 and Ksh80,000 per month.

Leaked email to the Royal Media Services detailing the pay unequality between employees and news anchors. /TWITTER

Sources privy to the media house have told Viral Tea that the letter sent by the anonymous individual was not true, and that any malicious person can write to any company.

Leaked email to the Royal Media Services detailing the pay unequality between employees and news anchors. /TWITTER

"We can't respond to an anonymous letter. That can happen in any company in the world. The letter was copied to everyone. Anyone can write that about any company," stated the source.

The displeased employee sent the letter underneath a malicious account and copied a number of management officials, from news anchor Jeff Koinange to Strategy Director Linus Kaikai, Editorial Director Joe Ageyo and RMS owner SK Macharia.

Leaked email to the Royal Media Services detailing the pay unequality between employees and news anchors. /TWITTER

He revealed the media house's failure to retract a pay cut that was instituted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, despite the government returning taxes to normal in January.

“How can a transmission technician handling 3-4 sites and working 24 hours 365 days without breaks earn Ksh50,000 while a news anchor or radio presenter is earning six figures in salary?

“How can a producer for both radio and TV be taking home Ksh40,000 while the people that work so hard to ensure their content is professional earn three times their salaries?” noted the author.

The letter caused a social media uproar, with netizens crucifying the media house's strategy of favouring news anchors over other employees.

It has even caused silent conversation within the station, with many employees agreeing with the issues raised.

"That RMS employee is sadly speaking for so many guys going through madness in the name of 'working for a big corporate'" noted one user.

"What's happening at RMS is just one of many companies who take their junior employees for nothing, it's sad treating people who enable you to earn big and be called boss like they don't matter, yes if they quit they'll be replaced by tomorrow but quality of work will be different", weighed in another.

It is not just media houses that are guilty of such policies. Employees in many other companies have revealed to Viral Tea of the same tactics inflicted upon by many other top-level organisations.

"The higher ups will always be paid more. But there's some favourites, where those who get certain privileges at the expense of others who do the actual leg work", noted one bank employee.

The poaching of top talent from media houses in November 2019 had caused rifts among RMS, creating rivalry between its old and new team members.

Between March and July 2018, Royal Media went on a hiring spree, bringing in top talent from other media stations such as Ageyo (from KTN), Kaikai (from NTV), Yvonne Okwara (news anchor, from KTN), Jamila Mohammed, Pamela Asigi, Rashid Abdallah and Nimrod Taabu (all from NTV).

The result is Citizen TV being ranked as the most-watched TV station in the country at a market share of 35 percent as of December 2020. NTV (13 percent) and KTN Home (11 percent) all followed suit, with Inooro TV (under RMS) at 7 percent.

Journalists who had been working at RMS before 2018 expressed concern with the high salaries awarded to the so-called 'Dream Team', which was inevitable given that they joined from leading media houses in the company's rise to the top.

The tension between the two camps has been touted as the main cause of high-profile departures from the station. One of them was Hussein Mohammed on October 30, 2019.

“It has been an amazing journey, 10 years and you the viewers have made it all worth it. You all have made it worth it, including my guests,” he said at the end of his bulletin then.

Former Citizen TV anchor Hussein Mohammed. /THE STAR