CNN Promotes Larry Madowo To New Role

Madowo is now the network's international correspondent having held a similar role but focused on the capital, an update he confirmed via his Facebook page.

CNN Promotes Larry Madowo To New Role

Nairobi-based CNN correspondent Larry Madowo was on Wednesday, July 21, promoted to a new role at the international media house, barely four months after he joined.

Madowo is now the network's international correspondent having held a similar role but focused on the Kenyan capital, an update he confirmed via his Facebook page.

"From enterprise reporting in Ethiopia's Tigrey region, to investigations into oils drilling in Namibia's Kavango basin, via a range of cultural and business stories across dedicated programming, Africa has never been more visible on CNN's multiple platforms.

Larry Madowo during his CNN debut on May 18, 2021. /TWITTER

"Larry is an experienced journalist whose expertise across politics, business, entertainment and hard news will play into our diverse coverage of East Africa and beyond," Deborah Rayner, who is CNN Senior Vice President of Newsgathering and Managing Editor, Europe Middle East and Africa, had announced on Wednesday, July 21.

On Thursday, May 13, Madowo stepped down from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to take up the new assignment at CNN. He served as the BBC’s North America Correspondent in Washington, D.C., covering major U.S. news stories including the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 presidential election and the protests following the death of George Floyd and the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Madowo added that he enjoyed reporting from the U.S. and around the world, but stated that it was a real privilege to return to covering Africa at such a critical time in Kenya and around the continent.

"I have long admired CNN International's award-winning coverage, and I'm honored to be joining such a talented team. I look forward to sharing the full spectrum of life in one of the most dynamic parts of the world with CNN's global audiences," said Madowo.

He added in a recent interview with Bizcommunity that he was tired of criticising the problematic coverage of Africa and wanted to highlight the events of the continent in detail.

"We’ve discussed my role with the leadership at CNN since last year and this was the perfect time. I’ve always been critical of some of the foreign media’s coverage of Africa, so I felt challenged when the CNN opportunity came up. 

"It’s easy to criticise other journalists’ African reporting from the comforts of America, but I chose to come back, so the audience can hold me accountable to the same standards I preached," the former BBC’s North America correspondent in Washington DC stated.

Madowo previously served as the BBC Africa Business Editor, where he oversaw the launch of six syndicated shows in three languages and managed more than two dozen business journalists based in London and four African countries. 

Before joining the BBC he worked for NTV and CNBC Africa, where he anchored the business channel’s daily market shows Open Exchange, Power Lunch and Closing Bell in Johannesburg. He began his broadcasting career at KTN at the age of 20.

He was named a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2020. 

Madowo has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Daystar University in Kenya as well as a master’s in Business and Economics Journalism from Columbia University in New York, where he was a Knight-Bagehot Fellow.

Larry Madowo fights with an umbrella during a live coverage with BBC World News. /TWITTER