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Comedian Akuku Danger Moved To HDU From ICU

Churchill Show comedian Akuku Danger has been moved from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) and is out of danger after doctors confirmed that he can breathe on his own.

Actress Sandra Dacha, popularly known as Silprosa for her role in Auntie Boss TV show, issued an update on Thursday, January 6 of his condition whereby his lungs which had lost 75 per cent of their functions, are regenerating well.

She also revealed that his hospital bill was rising by the day. As of Thursday, it stood at Ksh1.8 million.

Akuku Danger during a past Churchill show performance. /YOUTUBE

“Akuku Danger has today been transferred from the ICU to the HDU because he can now breathe on his own Hallelujah!!!!

“His 75 per cent of lungs that had failed are regenerating well. His kidneys got a small infection but they did a dialysis and they are healing,” Dacha shared on Instagram.

She thanked Kenyans for offering their support in droves towards Akuku’s recovery and appealed to them to assist in clearing the swelling hospital bill.

“God is a faithful God! Thank you so much guys for the financial support. The hospital bill is rising day by day. We are at Ksh1.8M as of today.

“Kindly msichoke kutuma pesa (don’t give up on sending what you can). Help us clear the bill. Bora mgonjwa apone. (Of importance is seeing him back to good health),” she added.

Nation FM radio host Tina Kaggia had shared on Thursday, December 30 that Akuku had been admitted at Nairobi Women’s Hospital-Rongai the previous week. While at the hospital he was diagnosed with pneumonia but was later discharged and put on medication.

However, he was readmitted to the hospital after one of his lungs collapsed. Kaggia added that the comedian needed Ksh200,000 to be admitted to Nairobi West Hospital.

A day later, Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill, rallied his fans during his New Year’s Eve show at Garden City Mall, Nairobi to raise funds for Akuku, the response being beyond outstanding as they raised Ksh400,000 in minutes.

“But this man Churchill. He managed to raise 400K yesterday for Akuku Danger in a span of three minutes. What more can I say! Thank you,” Dacha shared after the show.

During the show, Churchill also revealed that Akuku was born with Sickle Cell Anaemia, a condition that lasts throughout a person’s life.

“Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and it keeps coming and going. That’s cancer of the blood and he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going. Imagine being told you have a year to live.

“Do you know how depressing that is? But he keeps going. The thing with the disease is that when it hits, it hits very hard. So today we want to dedicate this show to Akuku Danger and part of the proceeds from the show will go towards clearing his bill but I want you to share the little you have,” he convinced his fans while sharing the paybill number.

Comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill during a past recording of the ‘Churchill Show’ in Nairobi. /NAIROBI NEWS

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