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Doreen Majala: 15 Random Facts About Former NTV Anchor

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Former NTV Swahili news anchor Doreen Majala is arguably one of the most sophisticated news personalities in Kenya. She graced our screens with poise, elegance and eloquence in the national language that made many glued to their screens as she presented the 7 pm news bulletins.

To many who do not know, the ex-anchor happens to be a lawyer who found passion in the news, something that eventually landed her in front of cameras and millions of screens nationwide after one audition changed her media career that lasted nearly five years.

She started a foundation, The Doreen Majala Foundation, which focuses on education. It was duly registered in 2016.

Former NTV anchor Doreen Majala. /COURTESY

“It works towards creating equal learning opportunities for every child by providing basic learning materials to children in underprivileged schools,” she stated in a past interview.

The ex-TV anchor eventually stepped down from the media industry to pursue a master’s degree in arbitration, a field she had classified as one of her key passions.

On February 24, 2021, she kicked off her new practice dubbed Ressolution Chambers LLC, a practice consisting of her and two other professional mediators that focus on custom-made dispute resolution.

Here are 15 random facts about her that you didn’t know, as she reveals exclusively to Viral Tea:

1. She is a lawyer and a trained Advocate and holds an LLB (abbreviation for Bachelor of Laws) from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa and Kenya School of Law.

2. She is finalizing her MBA (Master of Business Administration), majoring in Strategic Management at The University of Nairobi.

3. She dislikes cartoons, further explaining that they annoy her and the cartoon characters can be very violent at times.

4. Her favourite food is mkunde matumbo mix and ugali or ugali managu.

5. She is afraid of the dark. “Ever since I was young she would imagine something was hiding in the dark and I have never moved on from it,” she says.

6. She runs a charity foundation that focuses on inspiring a culture of literacy in students.

7. She has been married before and divorced.

8. She still enjoys a swim in the river back in her village. She describes it as Kubung’a in River Voi.

9. She joined the media industry at the age of 25, making her one of the youngers news anchors. Doreen auditioned for the role at Ebru TV in 2015 where she was later selected and trained. She worked at the station for three years before moving to NTV where she worked in the same role until the end of 2019.

10. She bites her nails, a habit she has still fought since childhood. To solve this, Majala says that she has had to use gel nail polish to avoid biting her nails.

11. She effected a deed poll for a change of name in 2018 through a gazette notice, meaning she no longer goes by the name ‘Gatwiri’.

12. She prefers to be indoors to outdoors when not working or attending a function. Majala describes herself as not very outgoing.

13. She is half Taita and Meru. Her mother is Taita while her father is Meru.

14. She is an only child but has half-siblings from her father’s side.

15. She speaks seven languages: English, Swahili, Taita, Luo, Giriama, Duruma and Ribe

Former NTV anchor Doreen Majala holding a vase of flowers. /COURTESY

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