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Former Switch TV Anchor Working As Matatu Tout (VIDEO)

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Every working human being dreads the day they lose their job. This is what happened to a former Switch TV anchor who has turned to another venture in form of a matatu tout to earn enough to put food on his table.

Robert Ouma, who worked as a Swahili anchor at the station under the Kenya Red Cross, was one of the victims of a purge on December 31, 2021, that occurred after it announced that it would cease its on-air broadcast in preparation for its transition to the digital space.

On Thursday, January 20, Ouma shared multiple videos on his Instagram page showing the interior of his new moneymaker that plies the Nairobi-Ongata Rongai route, a matter which left social media users gobsmacked.

He shared one of the videos of himself wearing a clean, white shirt with a tie, expressing delight at his new job, with his style becoming one of the attractive features to passengers plying the route.

“I’m just leaving work for the day, it’s 8.39 pm. An office is just a name but the money is sweet, tomorrow is a new day,” he said on his Instagram stories.

“One should do whatever they can because this is how it is. Tout of the week. Rongai massive.”

Despite working in what one is regarded as one of the most underrated informal jobs in the country with sizeable incomes, he expressed delight that he was looking for more opportunities in the media industry.

Media group Chairman, Sahil Shah explained in a statement on Friday, December 10 that it was making the move into the audio-visual and digital space in line with its market demands.

The station which won a lot of favour amongst the youth with its programming and nurturing some of their favourite anchors and stars announced that it would make the shift to keep up with a generation being united by globalisation courtesy of the digital shift.

“In consistency with our core philosophy of being responsive to the needs of the youth and with the ambition to become the go-to media platform for the emerging generation, Switch Media has made a conscious decision to build a new strategy around being digital-first.

“In view of this, Switch Media will be launching new and exciting services and products in this expanding digital space. We hope to grow this brand together with the technology that comes with it. We assure our stakeholders of our continued presence and support.” Shah stated.

One of the Switch TV journalists who lost his job, as a result, was Frederick Muitiriri, a Swahili anchor who announced on Monday, January 10 that he had joined TV47.

Former Switch TV news anchor Frederick Muitiriri during a past interview. /YOUTUBE

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