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Former Switch TV Anchor Working At Hair Salon (VIDEO)

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Another former Switch TV anchor has shifted his focus to being a hairdresser at a local salon to earn a living having lost his job at the media house.

Emmanuel Terer worked as a Swahili anchor at the station under the Kenya Red Cross and was one of the victims of a purge on December 31, 2021, that occurred after it announced that it would cease its on-air broadcast in preparation for its eventual transition to the digital space.

The multimedia journalist in an interview with Citizen Digital revealed that he had to take up three jobs to earn enough to put food on his table. He is a hairdresser, businessman selling women’s shoes and runs a productions company.

He recognised that he had several unexplored talents including hairdressing, which he decided to pursue. He clarified that he did not choose his talent to eke out a living but rather to enter the media space through his skills as a hairdresser for media houses.

Watch the interview:

“At the moment I’m doing like three things- selling women’s shoes, hairdressing and I also do my own productions (Wosia wa Terer).

“When I realized that I have eight (8) talents and hairdressing being one of them, I decided to pursue it. The main aim was not to make money but to enter the media industry through my makeup skills or as a hairdresser for a media house, then along the way I tell them about my talent for news anchoring,” he recounted.

It was during Terer’s pursuit of hairdressing that he realized he could actually make money with it. He practised his skill for eight months but dropped out for two months due to a lack of school fees.

“When I finished I went to Kisumu to teach others how to do this job, so when I started doing hairdressing and reading news, I used to get a lot of customers, especially women who were just happy to learn that I was also a news anchor,” he added.

According to Terer, hairdressing made him relax, and not think about his salary alone from Switch TV. However, customers had mocked him on several occasions with the belief that a journalist shouldn’t be working at a salon when they are paid well in newsrooms.

The Swahili journalist revealed that he joined the station as a programs producer before he was poached by TV47. However, he was laid off when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the country.

“I worked at Switch TV for 29 days as a producer before TV47 called me to join them. They gave me an opportunity then I worked there for nine (9) months then the corona pandemic came and I was among those who were laid off,” Terer stated.

He returned to his hairdressing job but was called back to Switch TV after two months. This time, he joined as a news anchor.

He presented sports news among other general news bulletins he was part of. During his stint, he started his production company.

“I worked at Switch from July 2020 doing sports and anchoring news and that’s when Wosia Wa Terer was born. Friday and Saturday were my off days at Switch and I used to spend my free time doing hairdressing,” the journalist noted.

Terer’s story mirrors that of another former Switch TV anchor who resorted to taking up informal jobs to earn a living. Robert Ouma turned to another venture in form of a matatu tout.

On Thursday, January 20, Ouma shared multiple videos on his Instagram page showing the interior of his new moneymaker that plies the Nairobi-Ongata Rongai route, a matter which left social media users gobsmacked.

A collage of former Switch TV anchor Robert Ouma working as a matatu tout. /FILE

He shared one of the videos of himself wearing a clean, white shirt with a tie, expressing delight at his new job, with his style becoming one of the attractive features to passengers plying the route.

“I’m just leaving work for the day, it’s 8.39 pm. An office is just a name but the money is sweet, tomorrow is a new day,” he said on his Instagram stories.

Since the station stopped going on air, it was rebranded to Switch Media and it unveiled its revamped studios dubbed Switch Production Studios.

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