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Fuel Lorry Bursts Into Flames Along Thika Road (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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A lorry carrying petrol burst into flames on Wednesday night, January 19 in the middle of Thika Road leading to a massive traffic jam.

Eyewitnesses privy to the matter told Viral Tea that motorists along the highway were stranded, with not a single movement along the busy highway.

They added that the incident took place at the Githurai 45 area with the incident leading to temporary closure of the highway both inbound and outbound.

A fuel tanker that burst into flames on January 19, 2022. /TWITTER

Photos and videos seen by Viral Tea showed the inferno engulfing the lorry with motorists as well as passers by trying to put out the inferno.

This writer took note of a siren of a fire engine passing by Garden City Mall in Nairobi, and upon inquiry, was informed that the engine was headed to the scene.

It was unclear what caused the inferno or whether there were any casualties.

The accident was a reminder of the Malanga fuel tanker explosion along Kisumu-Busia Road that occurred on Sunday, July 18, killing 15 people and seriously injuring others.

The tragedy brought in a lot of reactions from Kenyans, among them ODM leader Raila Odinga, in castigating the locals who decided to fetch fuel from the tankers at the risk of their lives.

“As we mourn and reflect, I hope that this may be the last time our people are dying out of a scramble for fuel from an overturned tanker,” Raila tweeted minutes after the tragedy.

“The Malanga tanker incident along Kisumu – Busia Highway which has so far claimed 13 people with a dozen other injured, is a mirror of what happened in Sachangwan 12 years ago.

“It’s tragic. It’s sad, When will Kenyans learn?” Ahmed Asmali weighed in at the time.

Here is a video of the inferno:

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