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Georgie Ndirangu Leaves BBC On His Birthday

The multimedia journalist stated that he was leaving BBC after working there for three years.

Kenyan media personality Georgie Ndirangu celebrated his birthday by dropping a shock announcement that he was leaving the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

In a post shared across his social media handles on Monday, August 30, the multimedia journalist stated that he was leaving BBC after working there for three years.

Ndirangu stated that he was leaving the global media house to take up a new challenge but remained silent on which one.

Former BBC anchor Georgie Ndirangu poses in front of a mirror. /FILE

“One of the most fun things I ever did in life was making and breaking news at the BBC. Time for a new journey,” the post read in part.

He thanked the BBC staff for standing by him through it all; on-air and off-air as he signed off with a video depicting his finest days at the media house.

Ndirangu joined BBC Africa back in 2018 when now-CNN international correspondent Larry Madowo was working as a Business Editor at the station.

Ndirangu was a presenter at CNBC Africa before he joined BBC in July 2018 and worked with Rwanda’s Tele 10 as a news anchor before his time at CNBC.

It was off air when Ndirangu was firmly known for putting on the swagger hat at many ceremonies where he was an MC for elite dinners and social events, earning him the darling status among many of his followers and fellow anchors. He was also a brilliant talent in terms of conducting interviews and hosting panels around the world.

The holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science scooped Rwanda’s Media Personality Award in 2017.

Ndirangu is among the talented breed of Kenyans that have served in the media house’s Africa bureau and other than Madowo, Ndirangu has brushed shoulders with Makena Njeri and Solomon Mugera, who not too long ago, announced his resignation.

Mugera had served at the media house for 22 years prior to leaving. An email sent to BBC staff revealed that Mugera will leave the broadcasting media house at the end of September to take up a new challenge.

“Solomon joined the Swahili Service in 1998 as a producer and leaves us as the head of a region with more than 500 staff. Over the years has come to embody BBC Africa. He is one of our highest-profile leaders and a prominent figure for the BBC World Service – we will miss him hugely,” added the memo.

Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri announced on Sunday, August 29 that she will take a break from the Royal Media Services (RMS) station for three months.

Rubadiri will be in London for three months to attend training and work experience at BBC in the UK capital after she emerged as the winner of the BBC World News Komla Dumor Award in 2020.

She will be attending the BBC training academy whose session begins in September 2021 and run through December 2021.

Portrait of Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri. /COURTESY

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