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Govt To Pay Ksh60M Reward For Kamiti 3 After Public Pressure

The National Police Service (NPS) through Spokesperson Bruno Shioso on Sunday, November 21 confirmed that the individual would be paid in full.

The government will pay the Ksh60 million reward to individuals who helped in the re-arrest of three convicted terrorists who escaped from Kamiti Prison following public outcries.

The National Police Service (NPS) through Spokesperson Bruno Shioso on Sunday, November 21 confirmed that the individual would be paid in full. 

He warned that proper verification would be carried out to ascertain those who tipped off authorities that subsequently hunted down the three terrorists just as they were escaping to Somalia.

“The government acknowledges that the rearrests of the suspects was made possible with the support from the members of the public. Indeed, the accounts of several people who separately claim to have played a role in the capture have been reported extensively in the media. 

Paul Mwaniki takes a selfie with the three terror convicts moments after they were arrested. /TWITTER

“The government intends to honour it pledge on the cash reward offer. This will, however, be subject to a due verification process to ensure the reward goes to deserving recipients,” read its statement in part. 

Shioso also noted that their names of the rewardees will not be published to safeguard them and their identities. 

“The security of the incident and the risk of harm to those who genuinely aided the capture of the high-value trio may militate against a full public disclosure of the eventual beneficiaries of the cash reward,” the police spokesperson stated. 

Several people have come out to claim that they aided authorities in tracking down the three escaped terror convicts and ultimately arresting them.

The trio, Musharaf Abdallah Akhulunga (Shukri), Mohamed Abdi Abikas (Mohamed Ali Abikar) and Joseph Juma Odhiambo masterminded a well-orchestrated scheme to beat the tough layers of security at the prison. 

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) made public their escape and promised the reward to anyone with information that would assist in apprehending them.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, while welcoming back the three convicts to the facility, was mum with his response on whether or not the government will reward a man who claimed to have found them and led police to their location.

He had advised Kenyans not to speculate on matters but rather to wait for the government to respond regarding the issue after they raised curiosity minutes after the trio was reported to have been caught.

“For the Kenyans who offered the information, will they get the reward?” posed Citizen TV journalist Hassan Mugambi at the prison towards Matiang’i.

“No…no…no, we are not going there at the moment. Let us not be speculative about this. We are going to work on this meticulously as my colleagues have said.” the CS replied.

The man was identified as Paul Mwaniki, from Mwingi in Kitui County and his selfie with the trio went viral on social media. He narrated how he had led efforts in surrounding the trio after he spotted them at Endau Malalani Ward, having travelled almost 160 kilometres from Nairobi to the remote village in search of their route to Somalia through Boni Forest.

He took a selfie of the three upon the apprehension of the trio and noted that they looked exhausted and hungry. Mwaniki also wondered how they managed to cover that extensive distance to the remote village, evading the intense security surveillance and mounds of roadblocks put up along major highways out of Nairobi following their escape.

“They walked in some sneaky way creating a zig-zag formation. It involved crossing the road from one point to another. They also seemed to avoid any contact with other residents compelling them to walk through thorny bushes.

“They walked in the shrubs but closer to the road to avoid getting lost. They were not aware of the roads in the area, they were clearly visitors. We noticed them immediately they set their feet in Endau Malalani Ward. I am wondering if they were ferried in a vehicle or an alternative means to get here,” he stated.

Mwaniki had decided to pursue them but did not raise any alarm out of suspicion of what they were capable of, given that they were terror convicts. However, he alerted the law enforcement officers and led them to the area he first saw them where they apprehended one but the other two escaped temporarily.

The officers summoned reinforcements to intensify the search of the other two and managed to bust them just as they were getting deeper into the forest.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison on Thursday, November 18, 2021. /FACEBOOK

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