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GSU Graduates In Viral Video Will Remain At Training Centre

The newly-graduated General Service Unit (GSU) officers who made lewd remarks in a video that went viral on Wednesday, December 8 will not be deployed to their stations until the conclusion of investigations into their behaviour.

National Police Service (NPS) Spokesperson Bruno Shioso stated that the graduates will remain at the National Police College Embakasi B Campus in Nairobi where the graduations were held while the rest of the graduates were posted to their stations.

The officers whose actions were deemed to have scared members of the public will be probed on how they joined the GSU force for the first time as well as what motivated them to join the force.

Shioso noted that the officers were young and very excited about serving the nation for the first time and the day was a big one given that President Uhuru Kenyatta was also in attendance.

General Service Unit (GSU) officers in a viral video after their graduation on December 8, 2021. /FILE

“Of course, we understand these are young officers who are full of excitement for their 1st day of service. It was a big day also in terms of the chief guest present but there must be a review of what happened.

“We can’t make assumptions. We are also seeking to establish their motivation to join the service because they must fit the requirements of modern-day service,” Shioso told the Nation.

The police spokesperson also said that the investigations will also seek to establish the exact number of officers in the video before enforcing disciplinary action against them.

The group was part of the 2,502 constables who graduated as GSU officers at the National Police Training College in Embakasi B Campus after rigorous training at the Magadi Training Camp in Kajiado County.

Because of the vigorous training that the unit undergoes, the GSU is one of the most disciplined units in the police force and one of the most feared within the NPS.

Its officers join the elite teams such as the Presidential Escort and Recce Squad, with others deployed as riot control and provision of security to foreign airlines.

“Your unit in particular and your reputation for bravery, excellence and unfailing commitment to duty is also unrivalled which also I believe is a sign of the discipline and excellent training that is at the heart of GSU training. I call upon you graduates today to ensure that the GSU flame of excellence continues to burn,” President Uhuru said during his call to the graduates.

Shioso was thus surprised at their behaviour given that the unit exudes one of the highest standards of discipline among the police units.

“I personally took a while to understand why they had done it. This is our premium and the most tactical unit that we rely on because of its discipline. More is expected especially on the unit’s officers, they should be beyond reproach,” he noted.

The video seen by Viral Tea showed the officers filming themselves making insensitive comments in Sheng, particularly war cries seemingly aimed at members of the public, if not their enemies.

NPS issued a statement on the matter later on Wednesday after it sparked uproar across the country, affirming that action would be taken against the officers.

It termed their behaviour as unacceptable to the values of the police force in the country, noting that all its graduands went through rigorous training designed to make them responsible officers to better serve Kenyans.

“Attention of the National Police Service is drawn to a video clip circulating on social media depicting newly graduated General Service Unit (GSU) officers recording themselves as they make some irresponsible and reckless remarks. We wish to clarify and assure the public that the behaviour portrayed in the clip is not acceptable and does not reflect the values of the GSU, Kenya Police Service and the National Police Service.

“All graduands went through a rigorous value-based training modelled on democratic policing principles and designed to make them responsive and responsible officers of the law at the service of citizens. The oath of allegiance they took as part of their graduation is a testament to the sanctity of their duty to serve,” noted the NPS.

President Uhuru Kenyatta inspects the passing-out parade of 2,502 General Service Unit (GSU) recruits at their Embakasi B Campus in Nairobi County. /PSCU

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