Woman Dragged By 'Kanjo' Van On Tarmac Speaks

According to sources, the vehicle was carrying hawkers who were arrested for allegedly conducting business illegally on the streets of Kisumu.

UPDATE Thursday, March 25: Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong’o has suspended all Kisumu County askaris who dragged a hawker on the tarmac with their vehicle, pending investigations.

UPDATE 6.45 PM: The hawker who was dragged by a speeding Kisumu county vehicle has opened up on the chain of events that led to the video that has since gone viral.

Her name is Magolo and she was at Angáwa Street heading to Kisumu Main Bus Terminus when the askaris surrounded her.

“I was not aware of their presence, so when several hands held me, I tried to turn and see what was happening but it was not possible. They handled me inappropriately and tried to bundle me into the back of the pickup,” she disclosed.

The 38-year-old turned to the men and resisted their action which drew the ire of other hawkers and boda boda rider nearby. The driver from the pickup then sped off as the boda boda operators begun to gather around.

One askari held Magolo’s right arm tightly dragging her in the tarmac road not bothering to let go despite the outcry. She was dropped next to a police station where the Kanjo's vehicle was headed.

The officers booked her in despite the injuries on her limbs. Her 22-year-old son who had made attempt to rescue her was also booked by the officer.

The askaris' action has since received multiple criticism from the public.

A hawker was dragged along the tarmac by a speeding vehicle belonging to Kisumu County in an incident captured on camera.

The video, seen by Viral Tea, showed the vehicle belonging to the county, according to witness reports, drag the hawker on the road as it sped away from a mob.

According to sources, the vehicle was carrying hawkers who were arrested for allegedly conducting business illegally on the streets of Kisumu.

The hawkers accused the county officers of mistreatment, adding that they have been randomly harassed, beaten up on the streets, and even thrown in cells - as the administration remains silent.

Sources further revealed that the hawkers were attempting to rescue their colleagues who had been arrested when one of them got stuck under the vehicle as it sped away.

Boda boda riders soon joined the hawkers in the protest - as they drove away the officers in what was slowly deteriorating into an ugly scene.

The riders vowed to take matters into their own hands in the event Governor Anyang' Nyong’o fails to address the issues of hawkers - and bodaboda operators in the county. Governor Nyong’o has in the past attempted to evict traders from Kisumu town, stating that the city needed to have a form of appealing value.

''We want to improve on the aesthetic value of the city, and to make sure that anybody who walks in the city streets does not walk on mud, but paved cabros and tarmac, hence the cleanup,'' Nyong'o said in 2020.

On Friday, March 12, thousands of small traders from Kisumu were displaced as the county prepared to host the Africities Summit.

In 2016, a female hawker escaped death by a whisker when she was almost run over by a bus after hiding under it while attempting to get away from the city askaris. The shaken middle-aged woman left the bus after over an hour despite all-clear calls by witnesses that the officials had left.