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Heartwarming Promise Comedian Steve Harvey Made To Elsa Majimbo (VIDEO)

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Kenyan comedienne and internet sensation Elsa Majimbo met American TV presenter and comedian Steve Harvey on Thursday, January 20 in a one-of-a-kind interview that showed her growing presence across the world.

The interview on Harvey’s Facebook Watch show saw the star-studded comedian make an offer to Majimbo that she couldn’t resist.

He announced to the audience and millions watching from home that he will take Majimbo under her wing, adding that he will support her in everything she needs to advance her comedy career which went viral in 2020.

Harvey offered Majimbo his personal phone number so that she could easily reach him in case she needed anything.

Watch part of the interview with Elsa Majimbo:

“I’m going to adopt you as my niece, I will give you my phone number. I don’t care what you need, if you need anything, you need a place to go, you need some help, you need some advice, you wanna talk to somebody, you call me. I’m serious, and I don’t want to let anything happen to you,” Harvey stated.

Harvey explained the motive behind the game-changing move as one that fit well with his ambition to connect Africa to the African Americans.

Recounting his visits to Africa, Harvey praised the privilege of touring the continent as it made him feel less of a minority.

“…it’s been one of my main goals to bridge the gap between Africa and African Americans. If you’ve never been you have to go, but you know what I love about it? It’s the first time in my life that I wake up in the morning and I’m not a minority,” said Harvey.

Harvey turned to Majimbo and offered her assurance that he would always be there for her.

“Elsa you got an uncle in the United States, anytime you need something, Uncle Steve got you and I’m going to give you all the advice you want,” he vowed.

Majimbo, during the interview, disclosed that her family members still do not think she is funny despite her crisp-eating short clips coupled with witty humour setting the globe on fire.

She added that the members viewed her as the least funny person in her family.

She advised younger, upcoming comedians to have hope in themselves even if people close to them block them from achieving their dreams.

The comedian has partnerships aplenty with fashion companies Mac, Valentino and Fenty by Rihanna as well as a magazine feature by Vogue and a deal with Beyoncé as well as an advertising deal with Beats by Dre, one of the biggest companies in the world in terms of audio and which was purchased by Apple in 2014 after being founded by legendary musician Dr. Dre.

Elsa burst into fame during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 with her crisp-eating satire which went viral on Tiktok and Instagram.

Scores of international media houses such as CNN and Forbes have interviewed her and she was nominated for the E! People’s choice awards. She was named Forbes Woman Africa Entertainer of the Year 2021.

Majimbo recently swore to never return to Nairobi, Kenya, opting instead to hop from country to country to spend lavishly to accommodate herself. She currently resides in the United States.

Elsa Majimbo while featuring for Vogue Magazine. /TWITTER

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