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How Moses Kuria Will Stop Politicians From Spreading Hate Speech

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria announced on Tuesday, January 11 that he is working on a grand plan that will stop politicians from making remarks meant to incite Kenyans against each other during the campaigns leading to the elections.

Taking to social media, Kuria referred to Section 96 (a) of the Criminal Procedure Code (Incitement to violence and disobedience to the law) which was declared unconstitutional in January 2020.

A three-judge bench comprising Justices Jessie Lessit, Luka Kimaru and John Mativo had thrown away the code as it shifts the legal and evidential burden of proof to an accused person from the prosecution.

While ruling on a petition filed by former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama challenging his prosecution over incitement to violence, the judges said it is always the prosecution’s duty to establish its case in a criminal trial. Muthama at the time was facing charges related to hate speech.

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria in hospital. /FILE

Kuria added that it was fruitless arresting and charging the politicians accused of spreading hate speech as they would always get away with it.

The lawmaker, who is undergoing treatment in Dubai, revealed that the politicians accused of participating in the act only get pre-plea detention and higher bail terms, a move he lamented was not helping in deterring the suspects from making further hate speech comments.

Owing to his experience having been arraigned in court for previous inciteful incidences, he declared that he would embark on helping others mend their ways to a manner acceptable by society.

Kuria revealed that he would start peer coaching sessions on the matter upon returning to Kenya.

“As a reformed ranking member of that ignominious club who had charges in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and all acquitted, I can only say the ultimate solution is self-regulation among the political class and adherence to a Code of conduct. I will be starting peer to peer coaching lessons for those willing to reform like I did when I return to Kenya,” he promised.

The MP was among the first to reprimand Meru Senator Mithika Linturi after he made inciteful comments on Saturday, January 8 while addressing a rally at Eldoret Sports Club, comments that eventually led to his arrest.

The lawmaker in a statement on social media urged Deputy President William Ruto to reprimand him, given that the rally he was addressing was the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

He further argued that his comments in Rift Valley risked evoking dark memories of the 2007 Post-Election Violence (PEV) which had largely affected the region.

“I am a close friend of the Deputy President. However, I am far. If you are in Eldoret and near hear tell him to rebuke this talk,” Kuria urged DP Ruto.

He added that it mattered little who between Linturi and Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi uttered the brazen remarks, of importance being they were made a few kilometres from the KAG Church in Kiambaa, which was heavily affected by the clashes.

“It doesn’t matter whether it is said by a Linturi or an Oscar Sudi. It matters that it is being said in Eldoret Sports Club, a few kilometres from KAG Church Kiambaa in ‘Burnt’ Forest’. Jameni Madoadoa tena,” he lamented.

Linturi was released on a cash bail of Ksh2 million or bond of Ksh5 million or surety of the same on Tuesday, January 11. He was presented before Nakuru Chief Magistrate Ednah Nyaloti but he did not take a plea.

DP Ruto apologised to Kenyans over the remarks made by Linturi in Eldoret and urged the necessary authorities to punish those who incite Kenyans against each other as well as make remarks attributed to hate speech unconditionally.

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi with security following his arrest on January 9, 2022. /TWITTER.NTV KENYA

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