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How To Make Money on TikTok

Just by logging in to TikTok, one gets addicted to the numerous videos but unbeknownst to many, one can earn money from the platform as a creator.

Tiktok is the app that especially made the lockdown in 2020 bearable as no person could leave the house and social media was the only thing keeping us entertained. 

Just by logging in to the app, one gets addicted to the numerous videos but unbeknownst to many, one can earn money from the platform as a creator.

Some of Kenya’s biggest TikTok stars have made millions of shillings from being very active and very popular on the platform.

Kenyan TikTok superstar Azziad Nasenya. /INSTAGRAM

If you love to create videos you can earn from them in the following ways:

Receive donations from live streaming from fans

Just like Twitch, which is famous for streaming gaming content, live fans on TikTok can gift their fans with cash. As a creator, you can turn onLive Gifting while live streaming on TikTok, get awarded in real-time, and cash out your rewards through PayPal.

Growing accounts and selling them

You can grow TikTok accounts and sell them just like you would do on Instagram. All one needs to do is choose a niche and then go ahead and create entertaining content, ideally content that goes viral to attract that person who would be the ideal customer for your product.

Even though you are not selling anything on your platform once you amass a huge following, reach out to brands that sell products to get endorsements through your account.

Managing influencers

You can earn money by managing influencer campaigns instead if you are camera shy or don’t want that kind of attention. You will be in charge of all agreements, activities, dealings, negotiations, and payouts.

Some of the biggest stars have managers who take charge of their influencing campaigns and develop a strategy to stay relevant among their online audiences.

There is a catch however, you have to make sure everyone follows through with their part of the contract. Basically, you can be the middle man between the brands and the influencer.

Become a consultant

You can help those trying to get their TikTok platform to grow by giving them advice. Of course, you need to have the background and the experience in this first to offer this as a service.

People will pay to have your experience and rely on your expertise to grow your account. Helping creators get any deals or influencer agreements, you can even negotiate a percentage or a cut of that deal simply because you are their consultant and you have helped them go viral on TikTok. 

Portfolio of photographers on TikTok. /FILE

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