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I Almost Killed Myself At City Hall- Sonko

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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has disclosed that he toyed with the idea of taking his own life in a condolence message to the late popular disc jockey Alex Murimi, alias DJ Lithium, who worked at Capital FM.

Sonko, on his socials, disclosed how he was fighting his close friends whom he accused of being wolves in sheep’s clothing to the point of not opening up to them as a man in case of any major problems.

His allies at the county assembly had incited him to go to war against Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss General Mohammed Badi but they had a sinister plan to remove him.

“At times we as men go through a lot of stress and depression and don’t open up to friends like how women discuss their issues with fellow women coz 90 per cent of our own silent enemies are our own friends.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and NMS boss Maj. Gen. Mohammed Badi. /THE STAR

“There was a time I almost commit suicide at City Hall after realizing my close friends at the county assembly and one from EALA incited and advised me to start fighting one of my friends after realizing there is a member of the army (Nairobi Metropolitan Services boss Gen. Mohammed Badi) who had been brought to run Nairobi and so much of the finances has been allocated to him,” he wrote on social media.

He added that they had swooned him to go at loggerheads with President Uhuru Kenyatta, basing their evil plan on the fact that he had taken over the county operations at Nairobi when he installed General Badi as the NMS Director-General.

“When we sat down for strategy meetings, my friends incited me to fight the president arguing he had taken over the city. Meanwhile, they would go to the president and tell him to remove me because I was always fighting him,” he added.

He advised his followers to be wary of those masquerading as their friends but having plans to ruin their lives in the cruellest ways.

Sonko was lured by his friends to an impeachment plan they had prepared for him and completed their mission in December 2020. 88 out of 122 MCAs voted for his ouster, with Anne Kananu eventually ascending as the county governor.

DJ Lithium died on Wednesday, January 19 at the Nairobi Hospital where he was rushed on emergency after collapsing in the office. Speaking to Viral Tea, a source at the radio station revealed that Murimi had ingested rat poison inside the toilets before proceeding to his work desk where he vomited and collapsed.

The DJ was also reported to have deleted all his social media accounts prior to writing a suicide note which he left behind. In one of his tweets, he wrote: “Ksh6500 for a therapy session is bloody expensive.”

A goodbye tweet on his account which he made private also read “Every journey has to come to an end.”

The station’s management revealed that Murimi’s family was notified of the unfortunate incident and arrived at the hospital shortly after they were fully briefed. Doctors at the hospital worked hard to save his life but he, unfortunately, passed on.

The management urged the staff and the public to accord the family privacy as the circumstances that led to his death were deemed a family matter which has since been taken over by authorities.

Capital FM’s Alex Nderi alias DJ Lithium. /CAPITAL GROUP

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