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I Left Tuko To Grow YouTube Channel- Lynn Ngugi (VIDEO)

In a video shared on her YouTube channel, Ngugi, an immediate former producer, and host for Tuko Talks stated that she left the digital media house on friendly terms.

Media personality Lynn Ngugi has addressed reports that she left the online news website TUKO on Friday, August 20.

In a video shared on her YouTube channel, Ngugi, an immediate former producer, and host for Tuko Talks stated that she left the digital media house on friendly terms.

“Thank you so much and also to all other people in and outside Tuko who were also very helpful towards the journey. Mine is never to burn bridges of course, but it’s also important for you to know that when you are having a purposeful life.

Media personality Lynn Ngugi on receiving the I Change Nations Community Ambassador Award. /INSTAGRAM

“It’s important to know where your journey ends and where another one begins,” the presenter said.

She added that she left the website to focus on growing her YouTube channel, which as at the time of publishing this article, has over 90,700 subscribers.

“Where I am going isn’t far, I’m just here. You see this channel where you are watching this content from, this is the Lynn Ngugi channel and even before I start, just the other day, we were at 40,000 subscribers and now waking up to almost 90,000 subscribers.

“For me, it’s just a confirmation that I’m on the right path and the kind of content,” Ngugi said.

The famous presenter added that she was not afraid to start from zero as she also launched a plethora of shows during her time at Tuko.

She clapped back at people who opined that they were responsible for her rise to the top in the media industry, noting that it was by the grace of God that she got to where she is now.

“There are so many untold stories in this country that we have to tell and we are not started yet so all I ask you to do guys is to support me definitely by just subscribing to this channel and any other kind of support that you think you are able to offer.

“I am saying yes so feel free to do it and also pray for this channel. I made a joke at the end of this year this channel will have around 500,000 subscribers. I know it’s overstretched; it’s far but who said we can’t dare,” she expressed.

Ngugi had announced on her social media pages on August 20, 2021, to wave goodbye to the Tuko family after information went round that she would step down from the digital media house.

“Yes I am leaving Tuko but I promise you this is not goodbye, talk soon, and no, this is not a joke. I would never do that to you.

“However, the information is partly out there and I wanted you to hear it from me first. Love you all and thank you,” she shared.

Before her departure, she served as the human interest journalist sharing inspiring stories that have won her accolades and recognition from Kenyans. In July, she was awarded the I Change Nations Community Ambassador Award, for her commitment and dedication to impacting lives in her community.

“Thank you, Dr. Ruben West, and your wonderful team for this award. Dedicating this to all of you that secretly pray for me.

“The last couple of months have been challenging but this was just an affirmation that the best is yet to come and I should keep going,” she wrote after receiving the award.

In January 2017, TUKO became the number one news and entertainment website, barely two years after being set up. It dislodged media giants Nation and Standard Media Group in its rise to the top.

TUKO staff outside their offices. /FILE

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