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I Want A Rich Mzungu- Rose Muhando (VIDEO)

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Tanzanian Gospel artist, Rose Muhando has generated controversy on Twitter by announcing that she wants to marry a rich foreign man (mzungu).

She found herself in the crosshairs of Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) after sharing a video on her Instagram account declaring that a rich mzungu husband was at the top of her wishlist this year.

A teary Muhando in the video sang a song praying to God to grant her a white man who is wealthy.

“Jesus please bless me, do it for me. My prayer this year is to marry a white man who has money,” she captioned.

A silhoutette of a couple kissing each other. /PIXABAY

She invited her fans and followers to share their wishes for 2022 through a WhatsApp number she provided in the post.

“You can send me your challenge in form of a video with your prayer stating what you want God to do for you this year…” she added.

However, she did not entirely get the response she had hoped for as KOT had berated her for fulfilling them with hopes only to secretly pray to be blessed with a foreigner.

“Rose Muhando wants us to believe that God will send us manna from Heaven through her songs, but goes behind our backs to ask God to give her a Mzungu with a lot of money?” one user, Juma G, tweeted.

The Nibebe hitmaker had hinted in January 2021 that she was not ready to get married. She suggested in a past interview with TVeTanzania, that she is satisfied being a single mother.

Recently, Muhando was a trending topic after reports emerged online that she had a sexual affair with blogger Abraham Mutai.

Mutai however dismissed the allegations, stating that he has neither met the singer nor been in the same room with her.

“I categorically state that I neither slept with Rose Muhando in Room 4 in Thika nor any other town. In fact, since I was born I eschew number 4. I would have requested a room, change. My lawyers will soon visit the short receptionist,” Mutai addressed on Facebook.

Muhando resurfaced in 2019 after undergoing a turbulent period in her life, where she accused unknown individuals of swindling her millions of money and also trying to kill her. The gospel artist sought refuge in Kenya and stayed at fellow artist, Anastacia Mukabwa’s, house.

She released a song dubbed Kenya Ulindwe in praise of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans who had welcomed her in the country with open arms. She has also collaborated with Ringtone, Size 8 and other artists on various projects.

Watch Rose Muhando’s wish below:


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