IG Mutyambai Responds To Viral Resignation By Police Officer (VIDEO)

The police officer indicated that she had sent numerous resignation letters to the IG but was yet to receive a response.

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has ordered the Gender and Children's directorate to carry out investigations into sexual harassment claims made by a female police officer in a video that has gone viral.

In the video seen by Viral Tea, the police officer indicated that she had sent numerous resignation letters to the IG but was yet to receive a response.

"Sir, kindly allow me to resign from the police office because I can thrive elsewhere. Even if it means, resigning without pay, I will not mind," she said.

She added that it was those frustrations within the police force that were leading to the deaths of officers who either committed suicide or resorted to killing others.

"I just want a chance to resign peacefully. I have attached several letters meant for the IG but they never get to him. That is why police officers get frustrated to a point of committing suicide or killing themselves, something I cannot do," she said.

Further, she requested President Uhuru Kenyatta to scrwp the Internal Affairs office, claiming that the custodians engaged in corruption.

"We are suffering. Officials in that office are full of corruption yet they get a salary at the end of the month. They don't solve any cases, that's why police kill cause of such problems," she concluded.

Her video plea has since been received by the IG who has vowed to follow up on the matter.

Mutyambai added that the officer, who is attached to the Traffic Department in Mombasa, had complained against a merchant and was subjected to an inquiry by DCI officers resulting into a departmental action.

“I have directed the Gender and Children Directorate to independently investigate the matter and give a report within 7 days,” he said on Twitter.

The video came nearly two weeks after Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i announced of rules by the Ministry that would ban police officers from having relationships with their colleagues in the force.

He explained that the directive would help cut down sexual harassment and indiscipline cases that were rising to dangerous levels within the police force.

"Senior officers will be prohibited from having affairs with junior officers. One will have to leave the service," he stated on Friday, April 30.

His sentiments came after a recent incident that involved one of his bodyguards attached to the General Service Unit (GSU) team shoot dead his wife, who was a traffic police officer, before shooting himself dead.