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Inside Ksh92.4M Range Rover Cameroonian President Rode To AFCON (PHOTOS)

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Cameroonian President Paul Biya arrived at the opening ceremony of the 33rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) held at the newly inaugurated Olembe Stadium, 13 kilometres north of the capital of Yaounde ahead of the country’s opening game against Burkina Faso on Sunday, January 9.

Over 40,000 people in attendance at the opening ceremony, however, took note of the limousine he was riding in while greeting the fans, which is a rarity amongst many African Heads of State.

The limo he arrived in turned out to be the stretched version of the Range Rover Autobiography by Klassen, a luxury vehicle company that builds exclusive VIP Business Vans and sells Luxury Cars.

President of Cameroon Paul Biya arrives at the AFCON opening ceremony on January 9, 2022. /TWITTER

According to their website, Klassen has worked on the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Range Rover Autobiography, Bentley Bentayga, and the Mercedes G-Class. Most recently, the company stretched and armoured a Cullinan and put a $2 million (Ksh226.3 million) price tag on it.

The company has even worked on minivans like the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and the Sprinter.

Its Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography is stretched by 40 inches or 1,016 mm, in length and measures 244.7 inches (621.5 cm). The wheelbase measures 163 inches (414cm) and is completely bulletproof.

The rear door still opens the same way as the other Range Rover versions, despite the setup coming with rear-facing seats on the inside. The company has also provided a sliding glass roof with handrails on the sides that are useful during parades.

The Range Rover Klassen. /TWITTER

Klassen also stripped off the Range Rover lettering from the bonnet and the Land Rover badge from the grille and added a set of four small visual warning lights. Also installed is a flag point on both the fenders with Klassen badging.

On the inside, there are two captain chairs with a centre console in the middle that controls aspects such as the air conditioning, ventilated seats, glass roof among others. A touchscreen infotainment system is also present and it supports Apple CarPlay.

The first row of the driver’s section receives a glass partition that can be configured to be either opaque or tinted. In the stretched area, two rear-facing folding seats are equipped along with grab handles on the B-pillars.

The interior, just like the exterior, receives an all-black treatment.

The Range Rover Autobiography by Klassen is armoured with ballistic protection of the highest level (7, that is) that protects occupants from 7.62 mm caliber bullets fired from 10 meters away. The tires are bulletproof and can travel up to 50 miles at the speed of 50 mph when punctured.

Klassen even offers an armoured glass panorama roof as an option.

In the U.S., the starting price of the Range Rover Autobiography is $130,300 (Ksh14.7 million). Klassen, however, is charging approximately $816,000 (Ksh92.5 million) at the current exchange rates, with all the options included.

It makes the vehicle roughly over six times more expensive than the stock SUV, and because of its price range, its main clientele includes VIPs, particularly politicians.

Here are more photos of the Range Rover Klassen:

The Range Rover Klassen. /TWITTER
President of Cameroon Paul Biya arrives at the AFCON opening ceremony on January 9, 2022. /TWITTER
Inside the Range Rover Klassen. /KLASSEN
Inside the Range Rover Klassen. /KLASSEN

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