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Itumbi: How I Survived Being Kidnapped, Tortured

Deputy President William Ruto’s ally and Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has recounted a section of what happened on the day he was allegedly kidnapped and tortured in December 2021.

Itumbi was accosted and abducted by unknown people outside his barbershop in Thindigua along Kiambu Road, an incident that sparked uproar from a section of political leaders and Kenyans.

Taking to his social media accounts on Thursday, January 13, the digital maestro recounted how six rogue police officers had surrounded him and clobbered him in turns amidst heavy rainfall in the area.

The officers who were undercover had reportedly driven off in two vehicles after they abandoned the car they had used to pick him up at the barbershop.

Dennis Itumbi being attended to at the Hospital on December 24, 2021. /FACEBOOK

“It was raining heavily as they drove off in two double cabins, a black one and a white one. The Hit Squad that operates in fear of being seen, being exposed or being pointed out in public, had long dropped the Premio (Toyota) that had picked me at Thindigua, outside a barbershop and at this time the six men had taken turns in beating me with what felt like hammers and related crude weapons,” he recalled in part.

Itumbi then disclosed the conversation he had with his abductors, who had demanded him to change his political stance to match that of what he termed as their ‘boss’.

During the back and forth, he was handcuffed then slapped and beaten up before being thrown off the vehicle in an area surrounded by darkness, trees and heavy rains pounding him while he was naked, save for his socks.

Itumbi then claimed that the abductors before driving off had roughed him up and threatened to kill him if he even attempted to call for help. The naked strategist had walked in the middle of the rain while battling pain so intense he could barely open his eyes.

“First instinct was to sit down because the pains were too much and I could barely open my eyes. But an inner push, which I strongly believe to be your prayers, urged me on. After a few steps, I saw a light on the horizon.

‘Pain and being naked were no longer issues, survival was. After a long painful walk, I got to a junction, more of a roundabout. As a naked man, I knew, I would have a tough time stopping any car, at night. So I shot my luck at boda bodas,” he added.

One of them stopped beside him and reached out to a customer for a request to take him to the hospital. He had immediately recognised him after social media at the time lit up with reports of his abduction.

Boniface Makokha, a good samaritan, rescued him by clothing him with a bedsheet and buying him a soda before taking him to the medical facility.

Police spokesperson, Bruno Shioso, assured the public on December 24, 2021, that an investigation was underway concerning the matter. This is despite Itumbi warning the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) against visiting him at the hospital several times for a statement and affirming that he would disclose more details of his abduction in February 2022.

DCI headquarters in Nairobi. /FILE

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