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I’ve Received Marriage Proposals From 21 Women- Classic 105 Presenter

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Classic 105 FM presenter Mike Mondo on Friday, January 21 revealed that he has received messages from 21 women following his declaration that he would settle down this year.

Earlier this month, he set the internet on fire by announcing that he would step down from the fast-paced party life and get a woman that he would want to have children with.

“I am finally going to get a wife this year. I want to cut out partying and minimize on sherehe (celebrations),” Mike shared.

Speaking during the station’s morning show where he was standing in for radio host Maina Kageni, Mondo expressed his profound shock at the number of women who have ripped apart his notifications.

A phone logged into Instagram. /MARVIN CHEGE.VIRALTEAKE

A majority of his messages have come from Kenyan women on Instagram, with only one coming from Twitter.

He added that so dedicated and bold the women are in having him as their husband that they wanted to share their occupation and place of work as well as their age.

“This year I said I must take a woman home to my mum. After I said that I have so far received 21 proposal requests. 16 are from Instagram, four from Facebook, and one from Twitter.

“Some of the ladies tell me that they are ready to settle down with me, they share their age and where they work. When did women become so bold? Are there no men out there?” he said during the show.

A barrage of men who called in during the show however warned him to be watchful with some of the women, adding that some of them are only after his money.

Mondo is well known for having a similar voice to Kageni, with many confusing him with one of the greatest modern-day radio presenters in the country on numerous occasions they have tuned in to the station.

“People say I sound like Maina Kageni but I think we just talk in a similar way. People say that a lot, that I am the next big thing or whatever way they put it but I don’t necessarily see myself that way. I see myself as a person who wants to create his own niche,” he clarified in a recent interview.

Kageni has been on the air for over two decades and his voice has been one of his biggest attributes to his longevity in the media industry. His voice is very distinctive and most up and coming personalities have tried coping with Maina’s style and voice of engaging with the public- and failed.

He revealed during his breakfast show on Friday, June 11 that he had insured his voice for Ksh100 million.

“You haven’t insured yours? Mine is insured for Ksh100 million,” Kageni said while laughing at Mwalimu King’ang’i’s jokes on the show.

Mondo might be touted as the man to fill in for Kageni, who announced that he would leave radio in 2022 to focus on steering operations of his private business.

The show dominated the English segment during weekday mornings, followed by its sister station, Kiss FM’s Morning Kiss by Kamene Goro and Jalang’o, both under the Radio Africa Group in a report released by GeoPoll.

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni. /FILE

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