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Kajala Responds To Harmonize Gifting Her 2 Range Rover Cars

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Bongo movie actress Frida Kajala has responded to persistent efforts by Tanzanian artist Rajab Abdul Kahali, alias Harmonize to convince her to go back to his arms.

The Konde Boy crooner on Wednesday, April 13 shared a short video of a Ksh6 million Range Rover Evoque with a custom number plate bearing Kajala’s name, as a gift to her.

He begged Kajala to accept the car gift, adding that he was still in love with her despite the trials and tribulations that made them part ways.

However, it was not enough. Harmonize then bought another Range Rover, this time a black-coloured one, so that she has two luxury cars in her inventory in case she takes him back.

Kajala shared a series of cryptic posts indirectly firing back at Harmonize for desperately begging to take him back, given that he was the one who hurt the actress.

She warned that such individuals were making all manner of attempts to convince the other to forgive them so that they can take them back, only to ruin them twice more than they did the first time.

“Don’t be someone’s sometimes. First, know your worth, second control your emotions. Third Never settle.

“Don’t get attached remember what happened last time…You can’t change everyone, just move on… Don’t let anybody play with you, even if you love them.

“It’s very easy to find A new one. But it’s hard to find A True one,” they read.

The Mwaka Wangu hitmaker, in his attempts to convince Kajala to take him back, acknowledged his wrongdoings that hurt her and her family and asked for her forgiveness.

“Even though it was Kajala 1-10, it cannot erase the pain I caused you and your family and will not change anything we went through. Even though it cannot convince you to take me back, this one expresses regret for everything I did. What I am asking of you is forgiveness of your heart,” Harmonize captioned in his post sharing the first Range Rover gifted to her.

The artist had spent up to Ksh600,000 on a billboard begging Kajala to take him back, one of the several attempts he has made to do so.

The Tanzanian artist has been dominating the music industry across the continent but has struggled with his love life. He expressed that he has not been happy since his relationship with Kajala ended asking God to restore his family.

The singer moved on with Briana, but their relationship was under threat twice before it was extinguished permanently. While explaining the cause of his breakup through his Instagram stories on Tuesday, March 29, Harmonize was clear about not wanting a long-distance relationship, thus he had to let go of Briana.

His woes were further compounded when he was arrested in Nairobi, Kenya on Sunday, May 1 after he was accused of ghosting a performance on entertainment shows he had been paid for.

He was meant to perform at various entertainment spots, including the Africa Moja Concert at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) where he performed and was expected to leave the country on that day.

Harmonize walks with his bodyguards at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi on October 26, 2019. /INSTAGRAM

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