Kalonzo On Being Featured In Samidoh's Music Video

Kalonzo was featured as the bride’s father where he receives Samidoh and hands her daughter to him.

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka appeared on Kikuyu singer Samuel Mucoki, alias Samidoh's recent music video dubbed Muthoniwa.

The song narrates the tale of Samidoh praising a Kamba lady for accepting his proposal to marry her.

Kalonzo was featured as the bride’s father where he receives Samidoh and hands her daughter to him. That was enough to catch many netizens by surprise as they wondered whether the feature was among the latest tricks in the politician's book.

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka features in Samidoh's music video 'Muthoniwa'. /YOUTUBE

But in an interview with Radio Jambo on Wednesday, September 1, Kalonzo affirmed that he was featured in the video as a way of supporting the musician.

Kalonzo believed in empowering local artists and the music video feature was only his way of supporting the entertainment and arts industry in Kenya.

He added that he wanted to show the blossoming relationship that exists between the Kamba and Agikuyu community especially when key politicians are competing for support in the Mount Kenya region.

Wasanii wetu wanafaa kuungwa mkono nami nimejitolea. Kuwa kwa wimbo wa Samidoh, yeye ni msanii shupavu na nilitaka kuonyesha watu uhusiano uliopo kati ya jamii hizi. Ninasikia kwamba kuna watu wanataka kuukwea mlima, mimi niko tayari kuukwea (Our artists should unite just as I did with Samidoh. I wanted to support his work by featuring in the song and to show everyone that the two communities can band together as one. I'm made aware that there are those who want to reach the top and I'm ready to join them),” he said.

Before appearing on Samidoh's video, Kalonzo had featured in Crazy Kennar's skit in a video that went viral on social media back in April 2021.

"Today I got an opportunity to do a video with His Excellency Kalonzo Musyoka and it was a very humbling opportunity as we interacted," read Kennar's post.

The former vice president had however dismissed many rumours that he was breaking into comedy from politics. In a post, Kalonzo said he has always been a fan of local content and that the creative industry has always been a good source of entertainment and employment opportunities for the youth.

"I have always loved local content from the days of Vitimbi, Redykyulass, Real Househelps of Kawangware. I believe artists represent society by showing our humorous side of life. During this lockdown just like all industries they have been affected yet they continue to bring joy.

"It was a pleasure meeting some content creators and listening on how we can improve the creative industry as a youth empowerment opportunity. Thank you to all the artists out there who enable us to laugh and to those starting out your big break is coming just keep at it," read Kalonzo's post.

Many opined that Kalonzo's close relations with the artists was his way of enticing the youth to support him ahead of the 2022 polls, with that bracket being the largest in Kenya and making up a majority of voters in the country.

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka with Crazy Kennar. /FILE