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Kambua Marks Citizen TV Comeback

The Rauka show host was given a warm reception on screen by Bambika host and fellow gospel artiste Laura Karwirwa who has been filling her slot over the period of her break from the national screen.

Gospel artist Kambua Mathu returned to Citizen TV on Sunday, June 5 after she took a break from hosting her Sunday morning show following the loss of her newborn son.

The Rauka show host was given a warm reception on screen by Bambika host and fellow gospel artiste Laura Karwirwa who has been filling her slot over the period of her break from the national screen.

Kambua offered a word of encouragement to her fans that their relationship with God ought not to change, despite the many pitfalls and tribulations one goes through in their lives.

“Our relationship with God doesn’t change based on our situations, he remains to be a good and faithful God. Our praise should come from a sincere and honest place that is not determined by what He has done for us,” she stated.

Gospel artists Laura Karwirwa and Kambua Mathu during the latter’s return to Citizen TV on June 6, 2021. /TWITTER

Kambua further praised God for preserving her through her difficult situation, adding that there was a lot to thank Him for, even for the plans He has for her in the future.

Karwirwa, who turns 25 later this week, passed the mantle back to Kambua as she announced she would take a break and come back to continue her journey with Bambika.

“Bye Rauka! It’s been an amazing honor holding the fort for Kambua. I’ll be taking a short break and from there we continue to interact on Bambika, Gospel Sunday. Thank you so much for your continued support and love,” read her post on social media.

Karwirwa took the reins of the Bambika show in 2019 following the departure of former Rauka show host Enid Moraa, who served for five years. 

The wave of changes saw Kambua moved from the Bambika slot to the Rauka slot where she has been hosting ever since.

On Friday, May 28, Kambua addressed her fans for the first time on social media, three months after the loss of her newborn son brought her fans across the country into mourning.

She thanked everyone who stood by her during her lowest moments.

“Love has truly lifted me from a place of deep pain and despair. The love of God, my keeper. The love of each and every one of you who cried with me held me, prayed for my family and me.

“I can never thank you enough for walking this journey with us, with all its briars and thorns,” she wrote. 

She also released her new track dubbed Shukrani, a song she described was born out of great pain and deep gratitude. 

“Knowing both can coexist- our current struggles and the acknowledgement that God remains for all that He has done. God promises to comfort and be with us even in the valley of sorrow,” she encouraged her fans on an Instagram post.

The gospel artiste noted that it was the numerous calls, texts, gifts, visits and prayers that helped steadily lift her back up and set her on a path to healing.

Kambua further paid tribute to her late son, noting she would be co-parenting him with Jesus in heaven. 

” I am so blessed to be a mother of two adorable boys; one who is here giving me the best cuddles, and another in heaven, who I’ll one day hold again,” she wrote.

The news of Kambua’s loss of her son Malachi was akin to losing a leader popular across the country, and it occurred on Monday, February 15, one of the darkest days in Kenya in the year 2021.

Latest post of Kambua Mathu, three months since her last one on February 15, 2021 that broke the news of the loss of her newborn, Malachi. /INSTAGRAM

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