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Kilimani Mums’ Dubs Dies – Viral Tea Kenya

Leah Wangari Gatonye, one of the pioneer members of the Kilimani Mums Uncensored Facebook group, died on Sunday, August 15 after she was involved in a road accident.

According to Mwakilishi News, a website that focuses on diaspora news, the 41-year-old Kenyan who was living in the United States was involved in the accident that took place on Red Cedar Street at around 2 pm on Sunday, August 1.

She was arrested by officers from Bluffton Police Department and thereafter charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment.

Collage of the late Leah Wangari Gatonye, alias ‘Dubs’. /MWAKILISHI NEWS

“She was booked in Beaufort County Detention Center where a nurse determined that she needed to go to the hospital. Beaufort County spokesperson Chris Ophardt said that staff at the emergency room at Beaufort Memorial Hospital cleared Wangari, and she was taken back to the jail,” read the publication in part.

It further reported that on the following morning, a jail guard found Wangari on the floor of the holding cell and discovered she was coughing up blood.

She was rushed to Beaufort Memorial Hospital before being flown to Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) on Thursday, August 5 where she later died from injuries believed to have originated from the crash.

Kenyans at large mourned the death of Wangari, also known famously as ‘Dubs’. She was also the secretary of the Kenyan Diaspora Foundation and was very active on social media.

In 2016, she confessed to being a terrible consumer of alcohol but had, for one year and two months abstained after heeding her daughter’s advice. She even shared photos of her daughter’s letter asking her to quit alcohol.

Facebook however deleted her page after it went against one of their rules.

A building at the Medical University of South Carolina. /MUSC

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