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Larry Madowo Wanted Me Fired- Joe Muchiri

In a series of tweets, Muchiri recounted the days where Madowo sent an email to his employer at Capital FM requesting for the then producer to be terminated.

Former Capital FM producer Joe Muchiri launched a no-holds-barred online attack on celebrated journalist Larry Madowo as he explained why he did not congratulate him for joining CNN as its Nairobi-based correspondent.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, June 8, Muchiri recounted the days where Madowo sent an email to his employer at Capital FM requesting for the then producer to be terminated.

He further explained that he made a joke about the former NTV anchor, something Madowo allegedly didn’t take lying down.

“A whole adult sent an email saying that a person like me should not be working at Capital FM, just because I made fun of him here. Luckily the manager was not these new managers who just fire people for no reason to look cool online,” he stated.

Image of celebrated journalist Larry Madowo. /CNN

He lamented the consequences of Madowo seeing his wish fall upon Muchiri, particularly on one’s well state and cost of living, moreso if that person has a family.

“You don’t know what or how many responsibilities that person has, the man/woman could be schooling, feeding, housing other people. Na wewe una chomea mtu (you’re exposing someone) for no good reason because you don’t like how they think or what they say, but it’s life though,” he continued.

He dared ‘old Twitter’- the section of Twitter users that had been active in 2013- to come out to further expose the scenarios where Madowo had tried to get people fired from their companies for playfully bantering his self conscious.

“Luckily I was very good at my job, actually not luckily, I was good at what I did period. So catch me dead congratulating someone like Larry Madowo, I can never respect anyone who tries to take bread from someone for petty reasons.” he concluded.

The year 2013 was known to many as the ‘height of bullying among Kenyans on Twitter (KOT)’ which was deemed to be more lethal and rampant before the app introduced suspensions following a massive uproar.

Reports of some users losing their jobs because of banter as well as factual comments have these days made Twitter users be cautious of what they tweet as it can be used against them, a sign of the freedom of expression being muzzled as days go by.

Madowo now serves as CNN‘s Nairobi-based correspondent which saw him return to Kenya for the first time since leaving to take up the BBC anchor role.

He worked as the BBC’s North America Correspondent in Washington, D.C., covering major U.S. news stories including the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 presidential election and the protests following the death of George Floyd as well as the trial of Derek Chauvin.

He also was a fill-in anchor for the network’s flagship BBC World News America show that airs globally and on PBS stations across the United States. 

Madowo had disclosed in an interview with Bizcommunity that he was tired of criticising the problematic coverage of Africa and wanted to highlight the events of the continent in detail. 

“We’ve discussed my role with the leadership at CNN since last year and this was the perfect time. I’ve always been critical of some of the foreign media’s coverage of Africa, so I felt challenged when the CNN opportunity came up. 

“It’s easy to criticise other journalists’ African reporting from the comforts of America, but I chose to come back, so the audience can hold me accountable to the same standards I preached,” the former BBC’s North America correspondent in Washington DC stated.

The Knight-Bagehot Fellow further added that he was excited about returning home where he started his career as a journalist, serving as a 20-year-old trainee at KTN. On his last day at BBC, he sarcastically stated that he would cover a tiny continent with 55 countries. 

“I’m thrilled to be heading back home (to Nairobi) and starting a new assignment with CNN covering a patch that’s close to my heart. Whether I’m working in Johannesburg, London or Washington, Nairobi has always been special to me. 

“This is an amazing platform to showcase the full breadth of African life with a massive audience and I can’t wait to get started. I’m an African and covering this continent’s history being written in real-time is a huge privilege,” the former BBC World News America anchor proudly acknowledged.

Larry Madowo covering the aftermath of the Mount Nyiragongo eruptions in Democratic Republic of Congo. /TWITTER

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