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Lofty Matambo’s Parting Shot Before Leaving KTN (VIDEO)

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The Swahili news anchor announced that Sunday, April 18 would be his last bulletin at KTN News. He announced while hosting the station’s prime time Swahili news bulletin.

KTN News anchor Lofty Matambo has called it quits at the station after a stint that lasted seven and a half years.

The Swahili news anchor announced that Sunday, April 18 would be his last bulletin at KTN News. He announced while hosting the station’s prime time Swahili news bulletin.

In his final heartfelt message, Matambo thanked his fans for supporting him and his employer, The Standard Group, for giving him the opportunity.

“For seven and a half years you have allowed me into your living rooms without knocking and you welcomed me with a smile. Those in the city watched me and those from the village followed my reports.

“For the zeal to have an upright society, I brought you Kimasomaso to condemn the evil in the society and uphold the good. They reached out to me and I answered the call, the call to say goodbye and pursue other things outside The Standard Media Group,” stated the journalist.

“Thanks to Standard Group PLC for this chance. Thanks to journalists, fellow anchors and editors. Thank you for being patient with me. Let us interact out there and God willing, we shall meet again,” he added, keeping fans however guessing on where he would be headed next.

At the media house, Matambo hosted the prime time Kiswahili news bulletin and a talk show dubbed Kimasomaso. He also hosted a Christian-centered radio show Shangwe na Matambo on Radio Maisha.

The journey for Matambo to become a journalist was no easy feat as he had to go through several failed attempts before getting his big break.

Matambo’s first attempt as a journalist came while attending to a patient as a laboratory expert at a local clinic. He caught wind of an announcement while listening to Hope FM, where the presenter asked people to call the station and pretend they were reading news for two minutes. The winner would then be given a chance on air.

He left the patient and ran up the stairs in order to hide and try his luck with Hope FM. Fortunately, he managed to come on top and was called to the station where he was on stage alongside Anthony Ndiema.

After leaving the studio, he had dinner with other presenters and thought his big break had come. Unfortunately, it did not work out and he returned to the clinic. 

When Anthony Ndiema left Hope FM for KTN, he called and informed Lofty of his new position and told him to apply for the position. Unfortunately, he did not get the position.

Lady luck however smiled at him when finally, he bagged a job with KTN as a Swahili presenter where he worked for the seven and a half years. 

He was not known to a wide audience until he released a song dubbed Weh Corona alongside with his college at KTN, Frida Mwaka. Frida revealed that they composed the song in the newsroom before approaching music producer Saint P who agreed to work with them.

She added that they saw it fit to also voice their willingness to fight the virus as media personalities.

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