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Man Snatches Traffic Police Officer’s Mobile Phone (VIDEO)

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The officer was talking on his phone while manning traffic at the roundabout.

UPDATE 10.00: The National Police Service on Wednesday night, July 7 dismissed a viral video that did rounds on social media where a traffic police officer’s mobile phone was snatched by a pillion passenger onboard a motorbike.

The NPS said in a statement that the video was manipulated.

“Our investigations have revealed that a video circulating on social media insinuating to be of a police officer being snatched a phone is a manipulated video whose intention is malicious,” they addressed, further urging members of the public to ignore it.

A video surfaced on Wednesday, July 7 showing a man onboard a bodaboda steal a traffic police officer’s mobile phone at Roysambu/Thika Road Mall (TRM) roundabout in Nairobi.

The video seen by Viral Tea showed the officer talking on his phone while manning traffic at the roundabout.

One bodaboda operator could be seen ghosting right behind him as he took a glance at the police officer in conversation through the phone as he went about his business.

The man onboard a bodaboda snatching a traffic police officer’s mobile phone. /FILE

However, another bodaboda appeared from behind, this time transporting two men, with the one seated at the back grabbing the officer’s phone and riding off into the traffic.

He tried spotting the direction in which the bodaboda disappeared to but his efforts bore no fruit. He then went back to his daily duties of signalling traffic at the roundabout.

A similar case was caught on camera in Ruiru on Monday, July 5, where a boda boda rider snatched a mobile phone from a woman.

The lady, who was in the company of her three friends, was using the mobile phone before a boda boda rider snatched it in a flash.

Less than a week ago, Nairobi traffic police arrested a man who was filmed pulling off and stealing a car’s side mirror in a traffic jam on a busy road in the city.

The man was identified after a video recorded by a motorist went viral on Wednesday, June 30. In the video, the robber is seen walking up to the car, plucking the side mirror, and making a quick getaway.

Officers from the Kamukunji police station tracked down the suspect and nabbed him within 24 hours of the robbery.

“His forty days are over and appropriate action will be taken against him,” said the Kamukunji police boss.

The police further warned that they would not allow lazy individuals to annoy motorists driving to their respective destinations.

“This is robbery and so from the look of things this is a person who has decided steal around this area and I think the forty-day are over and we urge people to give us as much information as possible.

“We want fellow citizens to continue with their businesses without unnecessary challenges and nagging especially from those that don’t want to work they just want snatch things like this,” he added.

On Thursday, July 1, police authorities in Nairobi raised their efforts to crack down on criminals rampant in the city and its surroundings.

According to Nairobi county police commander Augustine Nthumbi, a multi-agency team has been established to kill off the rising crime rate in the area.

While addressing the press on the police’s plans to up their game to protect the residents from criminals, the county boss said many plains clothes officers including the special team have already been deployed in various hotspots to restore security in the city.

Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai had ordered the newly-formed special squad within the National Police Service (NPS) to deal with the rising cases of muggings, murder and robbery with violence in Nairobi. This was after Kenyans declared that the level of insecurity in the city was spiralling out of control.

Mutyambai noted that the new anti-mugging squad targeted all cases involving those of rogue boda bodas.

“We have a special anti-mugging squad that handles robbery with violence incidents including the ones that involve Boda boda riders.

“We have been engaging the operators through a sensitization program dubbed Usalama bararbarani (Road safety) on abiding by the rule of law,” stated the IG.

Bodabodas at Nairobi CBD. /CITIZEN DIGITAL

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