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Meaning Of Viral ‘Twak Makende’ Phrase In Newly-Launched Ramogi TV Station

Ramogi TV, the Royal Media Services (RMS)’s newest TV station, launched on Monday, November 29 and a star-studded event was held to celebrate the new milestone.

At around 6.30 pm, Kenyans tuned in to catch a glimpse of the new station that will suit mostly the Luo community and were taken by surprise by a phrase that would go viral across social media the following morning.

Twak Makende, a Dholuo phrase, was shown on screen during Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga’s debut on the new TV station. Speaking to Viral Tea, a journalist with a Dholuo background deciphered its meaning.

New presenters of TV station Ramogi TV. /FILE

“It means special/exclusive interview,” noted the journalist, alluding that Odinga’s appearance on the station in its early hours was a special interview.

The premiere was watched by millions across the country, who took note of the word Makende. This is a sexual innuendo that means the male sex organs in Swahili slang (Sheng).

Ramogi TV will be broadcast exclusively in Dholuo language, with one of its stations based in Kisumu.

RMS Managing Director Wachira Waruru had initially indicated that the company was setting itself up for a major improvement to satisfy its growing audience nationwide.

“RMS will systematically embark on the first phase of product diversification and business consolidation by unveiling four vernacular TV services.

“Having pioneered vernacular radio broadcasting, we are keen to continue providing unrivalled and quality broadcast content to Kenyans in their first languages,” he stated.

Citizen TV anchor Trevor Ombija was the Master of Ceremony at the launch event and had praised the administration’s commitment to continuing to offer content to Kenyans in local dialects.

“Wise men said that a country is only built by stories. Luos have waited for the opportunity of joining the national conversation. From today, the help has come to the Luo nation, and we welcome you to your new home where help brings growth where we can find hope and show love.

“Ramogi TV is our home, welcome,” he tweeted.

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