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Meet South African Sports Anchor Exciting Kenyan Audiences

Supersport anchor Julia Stuart has been a notable figure over the course of the ongoing Euro 2020 tournament with a mix of beauty and brains captivating audiences across Kenya and the continent as a whole.

The era of female sports journalists ascending to the fore is here with us. More of them are taking up the pen and crafting out stories, others going in front of camera, all with one passion, delivering all there is about sports to the public.

In Kenya, there’s the likes of Idah Waringa, Mukami Wambora, Carol Radull among others who are taking the Kenyan sports media by the scruff of its neck. However, across borders is a sports journalist that has been quietly turning heads in Kenya, particularly lovers of South African sports channel SuperSport.

Julia Stuart has been a notable figure over the course of the ongoing Euro 2020 tournament with a mix of beauty and brains captivating audiences across Kenya and the continent as a whole. SuperSport offers sporting content that is not just limited to South Africa but to the whole of Africa through pay TV service DSTV.

Julia Stuart at South Africa’s Premier Soccer League (PSL) awards on October 22, 2020. /FACEBOOK

Speaking with South Africa’s G Sport in October 2020, Stuart opened on what keeps her motivated and shared advice to young women who are eager to make a mark in male-dominated spaces.

“Like the players and teams we cover, as a broadcaster, you’re only as good as your last game. So, there’s no resting on your laurels. I am in my 5th year at SuperSport and there’s still so much I haven’t done,” she revealed at the time.

Stuart added that the year 2020 was the first time she was pitch-side for the South African league champions’ trophy presentation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’ve never anchored a men’s World Cup or European championship game, I’ve not worked on UEFA Champions League or hosted a magazine show. I think the possibilities, the idea of what could still be if I work hard enough and get the right breaks is what keeps me going,” she added.

The award-winning presenter and anchor aims to change the face of broadcasting and hopes to one day leave a legacy where women in the industry compliment rather than compete with each other.

As she continues to write her story, she hopes to be an inspiration and a positive influence on those around her and those watching from afar. 

“I want to be known as someone who helped build an “old girl’s network” so that women in our field spend more time complimenting than competing – a saying I learned from Netball SA President Cecilia Molokwane. And, I hope to become one of the women who is so excellent in her field it encourages those in power to give other women a chance too,” she added.

Stuart went in on the judgement from different angles within the industry and other sectors in general, from what one wears, how much one weighs, who that person dates and other trivial factors that are used to judge women, whilst male counterparts have no worries about the matter, adding that they only get to focus on their jobs.

Julia Stuart at a past English Premier League productions show. /INSTAGRAM

“Drown out that noise, drown out the doubters and the trolls. Focus on putting in the work, on learning from others and you will succeed,” she advised young women in journalism.

Stuart was recently appointed analyst on the English Premier League (PL) Today show, a massive milestone in her career so far.

“It’s rather strange to be called on as an analyst as I’m so used to asking the questions. I’m still getting used to that part of it.

“But it’s pretty awesome to be working with Premier League productions as part of their global broadcast partner initiative and it feels great to have got the nod from my bosses at SuperSport to contribute,” she added.

For many years, the Cape Town-born anchor has been working her way up to the ladder from print journalist to broadcast which looked like a natural progression in her career.

Along the way, she has been acknowledged for her passion and incredible work ethic winning the 2019 SAB Sports Video Media Presenter of the Year Award.

She has also worked on various international tournaments including the UEFA Champions League, Africa Cup of Nations, FIFA Women’s World Cup and UEFA Europa League.

Her desire is to work on a men’s FIFA World Cup and host a magazine show.

Julia Stuart during a past SuperSport show. /FACEBOOK

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