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Miguna Offers Help To Kenyans Being Harassed, But On Condition

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Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has offered his helping hand to Kenyans who are being threatened, harassed, or persecuted by inviting them to reach out to him.

He has dedicated his Twitter and Facebook accounts to exposing those responsible for human rights abuse as well as injustices they might go through.

However, he has listed one requirement, any Kenyan intent on coming forward to him that might be going through such injustices must identify themselves.

A Facebook logo is displayed on a smartphone in this illustration taken on January 6, 2020. /REUTERS

“Fellow Kenyans, if you are being threatened, harassed, or persecuted, send me an SOS. My email is on my verified Twitter and Meta (Facebook) account profiles.

“I dedicate this TL to exposing all atrocities, human rights abuses, and injustices. I don’t care about your political affiliations,” he announced on social media on Wednesday, January 19.

Miguna warned that he would not accept anonymous messages and asked Kenyans reaching out to him to provide proof of identity as well as verifiable and credible evidence.

“But we don’t accept anonymous messages. If you cannot identify yourself, then you aren’t ready.

“We also need credible and verifiable evidence: Images, copies of IDs, documents – if necessary. Credibility and Integrity are our badge and currency,” he addressed.

Miguna prior to his scheduled return to Kenya on November 16, 2021, urged Kenyans to exercise their freedom of movement across the country, adding that the permission to welcome him back to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) was not necessary.

“I have received large volumes of messages requesting permission to welcome me to Kenya. No one needs permission from me, or from anyone else, to go to the JKIA, or anywhere else. Kenyans must embrace all their freedoms and stop living as if they are visitors in our own country”, Miguna said.

His mission to return to the country in the same month took a twist as the government continuously delayed his return, leading to legal battles between the government and the courts. He was deported in 2018 after swearing-in ODM party leader Raila Odinga as ‘the People’s President’.

Miguna Miguna at Lufthansa check in desks at an airport in Germany. /CAPITAL GROUP

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