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Miss Mandi Apologises After Bullying Claims By Former Colleague

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Former Capital FM presenter Mandi Sarro, alias Miss Mandi has apologised to a former colleague who accused her of bullying him at their former workplace, which triggered a series of online exposés centering on her.

Koome Gitobu, who revealed that he worked alongside Mandi at the radio station, recalled that not only did she bully him but subjected him to torment, which dented his experience at the media house.

In a statement she shared on her official social media handles, Mandi took note of the conversation that began when her former colleagues who worked with her at 1 FM nine years ago accused her of putting them through difficult experiences, something she had to deeply reflect on for three days.

However, she admitted to being unable to recall the experiences recounted online, adding that she did not wish to contribute them with sincerity.

Former Capital FM Presenter Miss Mandi preparing food in the kitchen. /INSTAGRAM.MISSMANDI

“In all honesty, I do not recall the many experiences recounted online but that does not negate that those moments could have impacted those I have worked and interacted with negatively. I can also see how those experiences contribute to the overall “mean girl” culture that is perceived to be a part of the media industry in Kenya,” she addressed in part.

Mandi added that she has had to rectify her behaviour the older she grew, at the earliest possible opportunity and learn from her past mistakes and actions.

She viewed the whole conversation that shook the country’s media industry as an opportunity to improve herself.

“To all those that have recounted particular negative experiences that involved me, please know that while my intentions were never meant to cause you harm and what I can now see is deep trauma, I acknowledge that my words and actions could have caused them. For that I apologise.

“I feel terrible that some of my actions could have caused those who have interacted with me such distress because that is not who I am now or what I stand for,” she added.

Defending her tweet that prompted Gitobu’s response, Mandi stated that she was advocating for accountability.

She highlighted how important it is for people to have healthy and just avenues to resolve conflict at the workplace.

“With my own experiences as an employee in the past and as an employer now, I cannot underestimate how important it is to create safe work spaces for all I come into contact with.

“So I pray and hope that anyone who may have been hurt by previous colleagues will find new ways to address those conflicts which will allow them to be genuinely resolved,” she went on.

Gitobu added that she would summon the whole office to ridicule his fashion when he was unable to afford a lifestyle whereby the rich buy trendy fashion wear to stand out from the crowd.

She also backbit him and clowned him for preparing his lunch at home and carrying it to work instead of ordering it from the fancy restaurants in the city.

“This woman would constantly call the entire office to a stop to make fun of my clothes when I didn’t have enough money to buy the trendy s**t she and her friends thought only those deserving to be in their presence had to wear.

“This woman. Made up such hurtful nicknames for me behind my back. And laughed in my face because I couldn’t afford to order fancy food for lunch so I would cook my own food and carry,” he wrote in part.

Gitobu also called her out for damaging his chances of being a radio presenter as successful as her because he did not have the same accent she had, which was attributed to her success.

Following the confession, many Kenyans unleashed their confessions on the matter, including Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami who recounted how she was subjected to hateful comments from Mandi while at a party at Onyx Club along Ngong Road, Nairobi.

On Friday, January 21, NTV’s The Trend show host Amina Abdi on Friday, January 21 issued an apology during her live show after she was roped by Kenyans into the saga.

For the latter part of this week, Abdi’s name was unexpectedly dragged into the saga whereby a section of ex-colleagues at both the radio station and at K24 had labelled her as toxic to work with.

Media personality Amina Abdi at NTV Studios. /INSTAGRAM

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