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Missing Journalist Bogonko Bosire’s Brother Dies

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The family of missing blogger Bogonko Bosire has been left with more agony following the death of his brother Joshua during the weekend.

The demise was announced by NTV journalist James Smart on Monday, January 17 via Twitter.

He added that Joshua had lived with Bogonko during his time on campus and relocated back home to take care of their father who was ill.

Missing journalist Bogonko Bosire. /BUSINESS TODAY

Smart added that the family needs support to help them get through the trying times.

“Bogonko’s brother Joshua died by suicide. He had lived with Bogonko while he attended college. Joshua moved back home to help take care of their ailing father.

“Sadly, he was overwhelmed as a caretaker. The family needs support,” he wrote.

Bogonko ran the Jackal News website and was known for his daring approach to stories many of his peers in the profession were fearful of writing.

He vanished in September 2013 following the Westgate attack, with fans waiting eagerly for his captivating stories. Many had assumed that he was merely pursuing a story.

However, he was nowhere to be found after the attack, a story many assumed he would break. Reports then surfaced that he had disappeared without a trace.

Bogonko’s website featured content that touched on the private lives of politicians, including who was sleeping with who.

He had expressed fears for his life owing to a story he was pursuing, which had led police to launch investigations to find him.

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