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Mjengo man frontrunner to win Ksh 9 million apartment after incredible Omoka na Moti Promotion win

A 38-year-old mjengo man from Kiambu County met the real Santa Claus on Christmas Day of 2021 when his fourteen-game multi-bet racked in humongous monetary returns and placed him in pole position for a Ksh 9 Million apartment in Nairobi’s affluent neighborhood of Kileleshwa.

Stephen Murigi Munene won Ksh15,783,820 from nine hundred bob stake on a multi-bet of 18127.58 odds. The actual winnings including Mozzart Bet bonus totaled Ksh19,729,566 but he pocketed the reduced figure upon deduction of a mandatory Ksh3,945,745 tax.

His huge odds also proved to not just the biggest of the day but also of the month so far and hoisted him atop the Omoka na Moti Promotion leaderboard.

In addition to his monetary haul Murigi Munene also wins a brand new Renault Kwid courtesy of the promotion. With almost every one resigned to letting a Kibera barber, Agapitus Saikoli, to claim the Kileleshwa apartment from his erstwhile 10,696.45 odds from 10th December, Munene Murigi conjured a mind boggling accumulation of odds on Christmas Day to seize the lead.

His statement performance that made him 25th winner of the daily motor vehicle giveaways serves to urge aspiring punters to keep playing for the ultimate prize with the competition entering the home stretch.

Intriguingly, Murigu Munene predicted that thirteen of the fourteen games in his ticket will go to halftime evened out and luckily all the games ended in draws at the 45 minute mark. The single entry predicted for home win registered an emphatic 4-0 score line for the home team.

Murigu Munene expressed joy upon confirmation of his lofty status in the Omoka na Moti Promotion. “I’m very happy and look forward to claim the house. The money is in the bag and I’m glad to get a car too. Now I’m crossing fingers that no one overtakes me in the running for the apartment,” he said

The Omoka na Moti Promotion which started on 1st December will conclude on 31st December with the crowning of winner of the ultimate prize which is the apartment in Kileleshwa.

·  Promotion duration: from 1.12.2021 (00:01 h) to 31.12.2021 (23:59 h)

·  The beginning of all sports events on the ticket must not be earlier than 00:01, December 1st, 2021. Otherwise, the ticket is not taken into account. I.e., it does not meet the conditions for participation in the promotion.

·  All bet slips must be from that promotional day. The beginning of the last sports event that is on the bet slip must be no later than 11:59 PM on the day when the bet slip was played. Bet slips that have matches from several promotional days are not included in the promotion.

·  DAILY PRIZE: The winner of the daily prize i.e. the car, is one participant daily who will have won a multi-bet with the highest total winning odds for that day of December, during the promotion. This means the multi-bet must be won in-order to qualify for the promotion.

·  GRAND PRIZE: On top of the CAR, at the end of December 2021, Mozzart bet will also reward only 1 out of the 31 winners who will have attained the highest total winning odds (best winning ticket out of the 31) with an Apartment in Nairobi.

·  Place a multi-bet of a minimum 4 games.

·  The minimum stake on your Multi-bet must be Ksh 50.

·  If a sporting event in your multi-bet is canceled for any reason, odds of 1 are calculated for that event, but the multi-bet still participates in the prize game, but that sporting event is not taken into account for calculation.

·  In the event that the kick-off of a sporting event is postponed, the ticket still participates in the promotion, but will wait a maximum of 50 hours to confirm the outcome of the event.

·  In case that two or more participants have same total winning odds, the participant who paid the multi-bet first, has the advantage.

·  All events on the Bet-slip must be sports events (results of individual or group sports events, a certain event during a sports competition, etc.)

·  Live Bet tickets, JP tickets, my number, Lucky super 6 and Virtual tickets do not qualify.

·  One customer can only win one daily prize during the promotion and will be in consideration for the grand prize also.

·  Each player can play an unlimited number of tickets during the period of promotion.


  1. SANAWA ZADOCK KIGINGA –  ODDS 466.31   BETID 1976-02999384-0926
  2. JURGENS LUCHESI SHISAKHA – ODDS 2210.96  BETID – 1976-02999070-3575
  3. JOSEPH CHEBURET– ODDS 2839.81 BETID  1977-02999644-7609
  4. SIMON AIRO – ODDS 810.98 – BETID  1977-02003393-6742
  5. JULIUS KIPCHUMBA KIPSANG – ODDS 1762.38  – BETID – 1977-02999918-3957
  6. LENNOX SHIMANYULA – ODDS 311.6 – BETID  1977-02999123-6033
  7. DUNCAN LUMUMBA – ODDS 3401.99 – BETID 1977-02999636-9379
  8. IAN OKINDA SHIPIMILU – ODDS 1609.26 – BETID 1978-02999538-9036
  9. BONFACE OKUMU – ODDS 1276.12 – BETID 1978-02999072-0953
  10. AGAPITUS SAIKOLI – ODDS 10696.45 – BETID 1979-02999554-1547
  11. GEORGE NGIGE – ODDS 4417.89 – BETID 1979-02999282-7973
  12. EVANS OTIENO  ODDS – 1631.43 –  BETID 1979-02999453-0975  
  13. RACHAEL KASONGO MUYANGU – ODDS 2718.59 BETID 1979-02999867-8116
  14. APOLLO RUGUMI – ODDS 559.39 BETID 1980-02999649-0583
  15. MAXWELL JUMA  – ODDS 1362.88 BETID 1980-02999760-2029
  16. VICTOR OTIENO OWITI – ODDS 2980.9 BETID 1980-02999386-2699
  17. MERCY AWINO OPIYO –ODDS 948.73 BETID 1981-02999766-8204
  18.  JULIUS MUNENE NYAGA –ODDS 7296.54  BETID 1981-02999276-7021
  19. SAMSON OBISI OLWANGU–ODDS  913.17  BETID 1981-02999370-2828
  20. ELIUD  MAFURA – ODDS 1909.66 BETID 1981-02999252-0023
  21. ISAIAH GORO OPIYO –ODDS 1376.09  BETID 1982-02999989-8310
  22. CLAIRE CHEBET – ODDS 1063.27 BETID 1982-02999009-3089
  23. ALFRED  OUMA – ODDS 2209.69 BETID  1982-02999677-6308
  24. DUNCAN NDEGWA –ODDS 1166.61  BETID  1983-02999809-0794
  25. STEPHEN MURIGI MUNENE –ODDS 18127.58  BETID  1983-02999289-9909

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