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Monica Kimani Sent Text Inviting Man To Her Place- DCI

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The trial of Joseph Irungu (Jowie), the prime suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, took another twist after a detective attached to the case revealed details of a text message the deceased sent to an unknown man the night she was murdered.

A Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer attached to a local telco company noted on Tuesday, May 10 in front of Lawyer Katwa Kigen that Monica had texted the man inviting him to her apartment to spend the night with her.

Katwa indicated that the message, which was revealed to be sent when the deceased was in distress on that fateful night, was the last line of communication between the two numbers the night she died.

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“This gentleman is requested by Monica…’Please come and help me sleep,’ and the man answered that he is far…’Let us do it tomorrow’,” the lawyer submitted in court.

But the detective responded that he could not tell as he was never asked to disclose details of the said number.

The court meanwhile is expected to do a scene visit as the investigations into the final moments of the businesswoman’s murder enter the home stretch. Detectives are aiming to uncover the perpetrators behind the heinous act.

Two witnesses remain to testify in the case. A cybercrime officer and the Investigating Officer are expected to testify on June 14-16, 2022 before the prosecution closes its case.

The court will pay a visit to Lamuria Gardens Apartment on Dennis Pritt Road and Royal Park, the centres of focus in disclosures on Monday, May 9 regarding inconsistencies in how the phone numbers were connected to the case.

Another DCI officer had revealed that out of the seven numbers attached to the case, only four were directly connected. The four numbers found had belonged to Jowie, former Citizen TV Presenter Jacque Maribe, Ahmed Mustafa, and the deceased Monica.

Police reports indicated that Jowie’s number was traced around Denis Pritt road on September 19, 2018. However, the detective’s testimony revealed that his phone was traced to Kileleshwa on the same day at 9.19 pm.

The evidence added that the signal of Jowie’s phone number was traced at Nairobi Gospel of God Church Valley Road at 11.54 pm. Later that night, the phone was traced at Langata Royal Park and then Langata DOD.

The detective testified that the following day, Jowie’s number was tracked from Kijabe Hospital to Gitaru and back to Lang’ata Royal Park estate. No calls were made from the deceased Monica’s phone from September 19, 2018, from 11 pm.

The investigations further revealed that Monica had last communicated with Jowie on September 1, 2018, from Dennis Pritt Road.

The court was further told that from September 19, only messages were sent from and received by Jowie and it was not clear who they were from or who he sent them to.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu in court. /FILE

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